Monday, July 20, 2009

camping with babies!!

I know! I must be craaazzzyyy! But I did it. I went camping with my 8 month old son and we had a really great time!

I have to say camping with friends makes it so that I was not carrying him all weekend and he had LOTS of kids and people to play with. Though I was always close at hand - he is still making strange, as he should be - he likes to only get passed to two people and when he's tired, he only likes to meet three people if I'm not in sight. Then the fourth gets the extended lower lip and the fifth lucky person gets the full on cry!

I am lucky that I'm an outdoor person and my little guy has always LOVED the outdoors! (Nothing stops the teething cries like a trip out of doors)

Well, I'm off to wash up from camping and put stuff away! God, moving 'house' for even a weekend is alot of work!!


goukas said...

I love this post! Being on the road full time in a van, I have similar feelings about packing up for a hotel! We first took Bode camping at 6 weeks, and it was difficult and I still have bad memories of that campsite. Part of it was new mom stress and worry (none of our friends had kids.

Now, I'm finding things are difficult on the still cry, throw fits, need to go the bathroom at inopportune times, but it is really not that much more difficult than they were at home. Just different.

I've been thinking of writing a similar post on my site. Thanks for putting it so eloquently!


Summer said...

Wow! I can't believe I missed your comment for a whole year!! Thanks for the compliment. Wow. Guess I haven't been on here for a while.
You're one of my heroes!! Traveling in a van is something I've done a few times and want to do more of. But you, you travel in a van with your 3 (probably 4) year old!! What a woman!
Though, as you say, I'm sure it gets to be just 'different'. I see your in South America now. Your banner is gorgeous! Love how the van matches the wooden balconies! Happy Travels!