Thursday, December 2, 2010

My TO DO LIST is overwhelming ME!!!

Have you ever had that happen? I walk around in a daze; all the things I should be doing whirring around in my head all of them taking too long to accomplish, when I have soooo many other things to do!!!

So I start them all and finish none of them and then I consider the philosophy of life: is doing what life is about?

Is that what we're here for or is that, I'm loathe to say, a puritanical view of life. It's been over-quoted, in my opinion but those puritans their pervasive and their effects are long reaching...

WEll, I'd better go...I'm getting wound up already...

Are days really opportunities for new beginnings or another day stuck in the mud?

whheewww... deep breath...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's Melting, It's melting

Over here, east of the mountains (Cascade, that is) we've been hit by a storm. A big one! And Cold....brrrrrrr

And just when I thought we wouldn't be able to get rid of the snow

sploosh, drip, splash

it began to melt!

[Insert dance of joy here]

I hope that things are wonderfully joyful where you are!!

Dances of joy for all!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Good Morning!!

Well, it's cold again this morning
and for some silly, silly reason
I am awake...

So while I enjoy my lovely porridge,

I thought I'd write to you, dear Reader.

It seems that this morn I have cooking on the brain: Porridge (Oatmeal, to some of you folks), Low-Fat Pumpkin Date Loaf (Fantastic of Fantastical proportions) and for those of you with kids, Strongman Porridge - A la "Real Food for healthy kids"

consists of adding an egg that has sat with it's shell on in hot tap water and 1 1/2TBSP of butter, stir together quickly,
so that you have more than scrambled eggs in oatmeal
(the warming of the egg helps with this)
and cover with tin foil
and is why after I dish out my early morn sustenance, the porridge pot looks like this

...don't quote me on that.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Snow has come. ... and it's as if I wasn't aware that winter would be howling down my door! Brrrrr...

I am SHOCKED!! How could this happen, I ask. Because I'm seriously cold.


I've been thinking about how I would fare if things got really, really bad. With all the 'apocalyptic' movies, tv shows and books and games out there right now, it crosses my mind.

Today, sitting in my 3 layers of shirts and slippers (refusing for some strange reason to put socks on) I feel ILL prepared...and this isn't an emergency! Yikes.

I don't mean, that I'm sitting around, biting my nails worrying about who has nuclear bombs or mathematical prophecies; but it does cross my mind when I get tired bringing in the groceries. I'm soft. Getting softer. I have to ask myself is this how I want to live? Then I wonder if I should turn on the heat, or if it would be better to acclimatize myself to the cold. Is acclimatization a real thing? That's just how my silly thoughts transpire...

I also have a son, and I wonder if I'm raising him to be prepared. Prepared for what, I'm not sure. Maybe it's because I'm from the Canada (cushy Vancouver Island, but Canada, none-the-less) that I've thought about personal survival my whole life. Did I know how to build a fire? How to dig clams? What time of year not to fish the river for salmon? I have to say that my Dad was pretty great at having me know these things without freaking me out.

...but I've found that becoming a parent gives me a whole new perspective on my own parent's parenting abilities... as well as a few other things :) That's my rant for today...

Put on the kettle and stay cozy!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

November 18th

Sunny, sunny, sunny... ahhhh

Just when I thought that winter had come and that I was a very negligent HOMEOWNER!! Then...

the sun came out and I was saved... ahhh. (being saved feels good, I see why so many do it!)

I still have time to put tar on all the little nailheads poking their way through my roof tiles.

A couple pertinent things about me: I'm afraid of heights, I got my entire family into rock climbing over ten years ago and have barely been back to the sport! And I've always wanted to return to Joshua Tree Monument.

So this very sunny day on which the winter gods have seen fit to give me a reprieve I am going to get over my fear of transferring from a ladder to the roof. You see, I like being on the roof; I like being on a ladder (sometimes get scared) but the act of swinging my leg out into the chasm of space that seperates my place on the ladder from my place on the roof, terrifies me! No don't get me wrong, I have the ladder securely positioned against the roof - there is no actual chasm. It exists in my imagination and in the wild beating of my heart!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Returning to the Blog

So I haven't been on in a year... crazy...

Cause I have been checking in on the blogs I follow. I just haven't been writing any thoughts. So unlike me!

My guy is going to be two.

And everyone around me is having their second. So far my daydreams involving two children are VERY stressed! So I'm going to have to say I'm not ready for that adventure yet.

I'm meeting lots of new moms and starting working on my business. I make jewelry and art. I am just starting with teaching jewelry making and offering my artistic services in the nursery prep arena. So cross your fingers for me.