Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Cyber Monday!

Hello, Hello

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend 
a Happy Thanksgiving
if you're American.

In our family we celebrate both
Canadian & American Thanksgivings
it's my feeling that you can never get enough Turkey and Pie.

and since 
of course
it IS physically possible
it's nice to have two!!

That's why last weeks Meandering was MIA
we were celebrating with family.

and I'm having editor problems or I'd post a few pics!
It was very great to get together with everyone and see the cousins playing together.

there should be One Meander this week,

Stay tuned and check out the shop for Cyber Monday deals:
20%OFF with the coupon code ALL4THANKS and Free shipping for the US & Canada
Last day!!
Have a Great Day!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings

Have you gotten any snow where you are?
Our first snow has all but melted.
The weather man says that we shall get more today -
winter is here!
I'm actually ok with it - even after all my gripping
that's me, what can I say?
Poached-eggs-on-toast have been eaten, coffee's in hand.
We're ready to go a-meandering.

to inspire your holiday holiday-ing!
Bright Red Lipstick Hand Embroidered - $40    Samskiart
Embellished Black Patent Shoes - $ 175      princesslondonshoes
1960s Party Dress - $130    DalenaVintage
Memoirs of Atlantis Necklace - $58    Peelirohini
Vintage Music Sheet Paper Chain Garland (2) - $6    MontclairMade

the last vestiges of autumn
Gingerbread River Pebbles Soy Candle Melts (18) - $10   Sharmilaw
Love Birds Serving Dish - $15    CNJceramics
Sun Kissed Treetops 8x10 Art Photo - 30     5ft3photography
Hand Knitted Tea Cozy - $55.46USD     wheretheresawool
Vintage Winter Green Wool Blanket - $65    bohoquilts

 the mid-bustle coffee stops
Foraged Vine Maple Thermos Handle - $26     WalnutStudio
Upcycled Leather Wrist Cuff - $50     rainwheel
Antique Coffee Grinder - $67.93USD     frenchfelt
Cafe Apron/ Hearten Burnt Orange - $24     untoldimprint
Dog Cowl Upcycled From Vintage Sweater - $26     EarthWalkers

in honor of the soon-to-be-everywhere peppermint

Vintage Native Embroidered Dress - $39.95     RockySpringsVintage
Felted Ornaments (6) - $48      PrettyPlush
Handmade Quilted Coasters (2) - $12      BozenaWojtaszek
Love Language Tote Bag - $14    BucktoothedBunny

 for the homes with kiddos

Rich Color Coasters on Stone - $26    thepaintedlily
Felt Heart Clips (2) - $10   PleasantlyKooky
Handprinted Travel Size Tissue Holder - $15   laKattun
Twins Gloves - $34    franciesca
Children's Cowichan/Sidewash Style Sweater - $58    saintpierre

I hope that you all Have a Great Day!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thinking about...

I've got things on my mind.

when don't I really.

In trying to get any increase my sales, I've been looking at, trying to scope out, what makes a sale.
And while people say that there is a formula, it seems elusive at best.
it's only me!
I find this photo really perfect.
It makes me want to have them.

Because I can't see the whole of the earring, I am intrigued!
I almost bought them immediately...
I had to touch them.

They are romantic, layered, my favorite (one of my favorite) color and I want to touch them.
I only lack the funds.
Difficult task to make your item touchable, to make the viewer yearn to touch it. This is the quandary of all online and catalog merchandising. How to create this feeling in an image.

But then all marketing seems to be a gamble of some sort.

What marketing techniques have you noticed make you want to buy?

Have a great day!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings

Good Morning.

Today is Remembrance Day, Veterans Day
a day
to Remember all that has been given and to take a moment to pray for peace.

It is
the Z-man's THIRD birthday.

Peppermint Trees (5) - $15    QuietudeQuilts
Vintage French Enamel ware - $125   AtticAntics
White Christmas Candle - $13.95   GreenLeafCandles
Foley Food Mill - $25.99   LaurasLastDitch
Red & White Bracelet - $95   MilenasBoutique

Handmade Vintage Sergent iSockit MacBook Case - $135   blytheking
Birds in Flight Necklace - $35   SurLhistoire
Alphabet & Numbers Linen Pillow - $30   looploft
Distressed Metal Flower - $14   merritthyde

When I started this post,
(this morning
I was going to say,
"It's Zeke's birthday so it's a short list."
He's sick. Party's cancelled.
And it's a short list cause I'm taking care of baby.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Items

I was just ...
how shall we say it?

and I thought I'd check out my buddy Pamela's shop.
She said, yesterday, that she was taking photos for some new listings, and I
new listings.

I don't know how new it is, but this little dish is happiness itself!
 I love the depth in this pendant. Shows that the wearer has deep passion.
and these little houses are so eclectic and scrumptious you'll have to get them all!

I love them!
Nice work, babe.

Have a great day everybody!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Park Time

There is still lots of sunshine around here.
It is one of the real bonuses.
 so we're off to the park

 so smiley :D

My darling friend, Cheryl in Saskatchewan requested more photos of me
well, I tried...
It looked good on the camera, I swear! 
I tried.
I know.

Yoda says there is only do or do not...

But I got these great photos of trees.


 well, I better get back to playing...
I think, he's getting tired of waiting.

Here's to a sunny day wherever you are!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Soap Cozies

When I was a kid, I had a step mom, Alice and her family was from Holland.
Her family's houses were all decorated in ways that were different from other houses I'd seen.
But one thing that really stands out, was that my Oma had a soap cozy.
I'd never seen one before.
Even as a kid, it really stood out to me as smart.

Hers was a facecloth stitched together to make a pocket with a rope attached.
(kinda like this one I found at, but hers was way prettier!)
I found these free patterns on Lion Brand Yarn Company's website
(you might have to join to receive their newsletter, but they have so many great free patterns & little to no spam, so it's worth it!)

Aren't they adorable?

These are closed soap cozies that felt as you use them, but I suppose that you might be able to open & restitch them with each new bar.
You could also just leave the top open, to slip a new bar in!
And of course, etsy is an invaluable resource!
AddiesmaDesigns has two gorgeous patterns for purchase

And for the crocheters out there ;)
rachelscrochet has 5 great patterns for $4.95.

That's less than a dollar each people!
I just HAVE to state the obvious!
Have a great day!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings

Good Afternoon.

This morning we were out early, in the crisp autumn sunshine, 
crunching on our apples as we headed to a playgroup, 
so I am late getting this post up.

I hope that you all had as nice of a morning as I did.
Autumn is definitely here, and winter is nipping at its heels.

Stoneware Pie Plates - $48     Lesliefreemandesigns
Art Nouveau Metal Card Case - $9.99    sweetheartsinner
Orange Virus Men's Socks - $36   RGideas
New York Wintry Scene Original Painting - $1,250   GwenMeyerson

Tea Cup Set - $30    Brimfieldfinds
Vintage Sterling Carving Set - $89    AloofNewfWhimsy
Warm Woolen Mittens - $39.72USD    warmwollenwantenetc
Vintage Yellow Hall China Pitcher - $20    AloofNewfWhimsy
Dream Original Collage on Wood  - $50    AliciaArtShop

Green Bolero Shawl Scarf - $79   denizgunes
Orange Fruit Tree Silver Spoon Ring Custom - $46   spoonier
CHIC Diaper Bag in Green - $69.47     ikabags
Baby's Thanksgiving Onesie - $31.95   ChicCoutureBoutique
Green Jade Earrings - $26   Icatlla

Passionflower Linen Napkin Set (4) - $34     giardino
1940's Vintage Jadite Saucers - $58     86home
Virgina Zito Vintage Linen Tablecloth Set - $125    5gardenias
Calico Cat & Crow Folk Art Doll Set - $140    cartbeforethehorse

Along with Autumn, I apparently had GREEN on the brain today!
Perhaps the heart's cry that winter BE skipped this year.
not likely.
So I'll have to enjoy the sunny walks through falling leaves 
and the cozy warm cider.
Doesn't sound too bad, does it?

Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Copper Jewelry is Like Wearing Fall


I love it!

Though I'm not featured in this treasury I just 
to share.

Because I agree with it's founding 

and the 

jewelry is gorgeous!!
Fantastic work TraciZ.
we have more than a
things in common ;)