Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings

Good Morning!! Good Morning!!

I remembered!!
I humbly apologize for last week's oversight and hope that you forgive me.
Which, of course, you do you're all so very generous souls!
I know you are.

So let's get started!
It's seems that I've fallen for the fall propaganda! Even though, I'm sooo not ready for it!!
I have a tendency for 'Fall Type' colors, anyway, so when I looked back over the items I had selected for today, I wasn't really shocked...
so much as disappointed in myself!
For I sit here in 76/24 degree weather, in my floral sundress, confident that summer is just on the upswing!!
And yet.... here are my fallish selections...

and away we go :D

Glass Flower Pendent - $40   Venbead
Vintage Caramelized Platforms - $ 42   CapriciousTraveller
Colorful Koi Art Photo - $8   prettypetalstudio

Recycled IBC Root Beer Glasses (4) - $28    YAVAglass
Cherish White Linen Camisole - $72   sandmaidensleepwear
Ringlette Dish Sun Motif & Recycled Glass - $12   SeeingIsBelieving
Blank Handmade Refillable Diary - $30   mamapainter
The Franklin Home No 1 - $35   TheOakLeaves

Gorgeous Silk Aqua Dress - $65   Shovava
Magic Forest Art Photo - $35   spiritualbeauty
Imperial Austria Cup & Saucer - $25    NorScott
Dangling Chain Earrings Turquoise - $48.50   YOURDAILYJEWELS

All I can say is, at least the collection has the decency to have a melancholy feel to it!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Listing

Just listed in the shop, this lovely little citrine pendent.

It's dreamy and romantic, simple and gentle.
The perfect necklace for any outfit summer or (dare I say it) fall.

Check it out.
Have a great day!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday morning vacation update

We're still in the North ;) enjoying our family vacation
~ just the Z-man and me.

Zeke just can't get enough of the chickens around here!

It's hard to get him outta there :D
There's so many other things to do!!

Help build shelves

Wish you were big enough to ride a motorbike with Grandpa!
visit with all the owners of those vehicles ;)

Go to the Beach.
Away from the maddening crowds!

and watch apricots ripen...


Here's hoping that your summer is as full!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I was soooo convinced when I left for my family vacation, Thursday afternoon, that "of course, I'll get time tomorrow morning to post my Friday Meanderings!"

I'm soooo sorry.

I'll have to hope that you forgive me...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So the response to these earrings has been so supportive

thanks you guys :D
That I just had to add them to the shop 

I've been pretty darn busy today.

I added these little sweeties too.

Oooo, but I'm having some fun NOW!!!

Have a great day!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You never know where FUN will Happen!!

Last week we went to Wenatchee to return our rental car and pick up our truck from the repair shop.

Seems a fairly mundane operation: a fair bit of driving both ways.

But the day day was sunny and we were all together, so we set off.

 Hydro Park, right on the Columbia river is a gorgeous spot, so we stopped.

 checked it out

 and before you knew it there was a soccer match!!

Soooo fun!!!

Here's hoping that you have a great day too!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings - One Day Early

...and much truncated, as I'm busily packing and arranging fish feeding duties.
How can one little guy be so much trouble?
looks like his water needs to be changed before we head out, too. blast.

A disturbing thing is occurring. On etsy. 'Fall' is trending.

That's WHAT people are focusing on!!

I don't know about you, but I simply cannot abide this sort of thing. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer is just breaking... just breaking... and I will not have it cut short by 'trending'.

My list today is full of summery time finds that will fill your mind & heart with dreams of summer ~ whether it's just starting, just ending or you are waiting out the wintery days for it's return.

...ahhhh, summer....

Forever Summer - $30   Raceytay
Pink Coral Wire Wrapped Earrings - $9   KottageKreations
Handmade Wool & Linen Star Scarf - $69    JurgitaMi
Vintage Coral Necklace - $24    niniville
Funky Soft Pink Mini Dress/Tunic - $22   GossipGirls

citrine dangle earrings - $52   happydayart
Floating Tube Dress - $155    gaiaconceptions
Body & Soul Necklace - $34.97USD   awaysaway
The tempest - midnight blue chemise - $99   labellefairy

Sea Green Abstract - $12    shyphotog
Branches Art Print - $25     anikatoro
Gaston - Funky Upcycled Chair - $245    Fran6will
Vintage Skyway Lg Suitcase in Blue - $ 47    Niftic
Butter-soft blue medal pendant - $28.958USD    Esyld

Pines, Pink Dawn print - $ 20    yury4465
5 Vintage French Dish Towels (white) - $24    thehopetree
Once (earrings)  - $50    lilyja
Vintage Wood Boxes (India) - $25    shavingkitsuppplies

Bracelet - Blue Cloud - $27.50    DotStitch

There my 'little' tirade (not at all truncated, as it turns out...well, you know, when I really get going) is finished and I'm off to pack for a camping trip with a forecasted minimal rainfall.

Minimal, I say. 

Hopefully, there'll be a little sunshine even.


Have a Great Weekend!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jen @

I was scrolling through my etsy activity this morning and I saw Jen at walrustusk's latest treasury! wow.

Her eye for curation is astounding. She balances overall tones so perfectly - I'm in awe!

You can see many more of her treasury collections at her blog
And her great handwork here:
Have a great day!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Lady Loves


Oh. And I do!!

just thought I'd revisit an old favorite of mine!
Have a Great Day!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings

ahhhh summertime....
I hope that you are enjoying your rosy summer where you are.
And if it's winter, that you are enjoying that too!
I've been rejoicing in the more original artists that etsy has to offer lately, so today's findings have a healthy
offering of those wonderful treasures.

the shades of verdigris as you've never seen it before! wow.
lovely. though it goes with out saying, I must say:  I love all of these....
Absolutely fantastic portrait:                                      portrait original - $85    behappynow
Cactus dahlias and ball jars are two of my faves in the whole world:  
                                                                                  Memories of Summer - $22    CaptainCat
 And a Mobile anyone would love:                            Dreamy Rainbow Mobile - $49   babyjives


I love how these items are so modern and at the same time seem to recall an unknown past! stunning ... mysterious...

The first item has Mysterious Elements: just like any good Apothecary (the typos in the etsy title) 
                                                                                       The Itinerant Aphotecary Notebook - $ 11.50   Ciaffi
Then a gorgeous, stunning, fantasy print:                       Bristelcone Pine & Time Lapse Stars Print - $ 16.50   madderrose
A romantic photograph that draws you right in:         Lust for Life - $32.79USD   sparksoffire
And a Dreamy and Theatrical necklace that while sad, seems like it would just make you happy to wear:
                                                                                        Thoughts of Home Pendant - $35    MaidOfClay

 Pink is one of my favorite colors; I love all its tonal changes and I swear that I see some grey in there! I might be the only one! haha :D   ..but I do love them together...
I wouldn't just wear this lovely dress to Prom:                                           1950s Vintage Prom Dress - $248  starletvintage
I love so much that Jennifer Heflebower Cowgill makes, but for now, for today I chose her:
                                                                                         Ivory Tower Necklace Sale 15% Off - $48.45   PoleStar 
Another Fantastic Dahlia photo that I can't get enough of:  Petals Outstretched 5x5 print - $13  mylittlepixels
How charming are the soft sculptures in this shop:  Soft Sculpture of Fish - $81.97   MisterFinch

Even if it is summer where I am, I can't resist golds and blacks and all the tones in between - so GREAT!!
I love the idea of this first selection and they look great! Jeff and Mark are so inventive:  
                                                                                                          Upcycled Vases Hanging Light Fixtures - $48   BootsNGus
wonderful original victorian type blouse - love it!                    Sale Keyhole To My Heart Blouse - $115   alexandragrecco 
Maria in Estonia will custom paint a lovely silk scarf in the motif and colors of your choice - lovely work!!
                                                                                                          Custom Silk Scarf - $88   singingscarves
I don't even know how you would make something like this but I love it! so inventive and beautiful!
                                                                                                          Champagne Charm - $42   cocodelayinc

Last but not least, these three lovely selections:
The wonderful photography of Jessica Torres, she's from Idaho:  Dreamy Beach - $20   jessicatorres

kmaylward has been one of my favorite shops for a long time, I selected earrings from them this morning:  
                                                                                        Sea Tides Earrings - $18   kmaylward
And a lovely winter bird for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, though I don't know if you get Cardinals there. Well, my intention was to include you even though I'm feeling so summery and you are all wintery :D
                                                                                                                      Fast Food Red Bird Cardinal - $5   PamlicoBee

- all so beautiful.
 I hope that you found something wonderful to love!

Have a Great Day!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Work

My friend Pamela, is on vacation for a few days, but last week, she twisted my arm showed me


fantastic, of fantastical
Picasso glass beads at 

a wonderful etsy store with wonderful customer service
- don't let all the 'wonderfuls' and 'fantastics' fool ya, it's really, really great!! -

yeah, right she had to twist my arm! AS SOON AS I SAW THEM!!! AS SOON AS I SAW THEM, I knew that they were mine!

And as soon as I got them, I made these little lovelies for my mumma!

Sooo BEACHY!!! I'm sure she's going to LOVE them!!

Have a Great Day!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

My Birthday Exploits

It was a great, great day!

Zeke let me sleep in until 7:50am, (which looks really late even now when I type it - really. no sarcasm. my days of sleeping in are over.)

Then he and Brian made me breakfast, including a homemade coffee cake! Wonderful!

then off to the farmer's market and puppet making at the Museum Art Center.

Puppet making was great! We got there just in time, though the plan had been to get there right when it started! But the trappings of the market proved to strong a pull... the important thing is that we made it!

They had lots and lots of great supplies!

So of course, a fantastic puppet was all that we could make!!

Here's hoping that you have a day just as GREAT!

Happy Indepence Day

Happy July 4th everybody (in the US, that is and, of course, for Americans abroad too)!!!

Wow. Summer is finally here.

Toddler swim lessons start this morning, so it REALLY feels like summer when I'm typing in my swimsuit and its hotter than blazes at 8 in the morning!!


Have a great day!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day - Bonne Fete Canada!


In honor of my homeland, I have gathered together a few of my favorite countryartisans,

put on some feist, bnl & great big sea

and sit back and enjoy

Ronette Bustier - $118     device
Under the Apple Tree - $30     irenesuchocki
Maple Leaf Lace Beanie (custom) - $31.42USD    IraRott 
Red Flyer Bike Photo - $20.10USD   Raceytay   
Cranberry Walnut Jam - $7.50   bovinebubbles

Lake Erie 6 - $75   jennifersquires
Passing Storm Abstract Print - $35   budanART
Cash Register Cuff Links Whiskey -$32   GwenDelicious
White Ruffle Pearl Earrings - $28   Splurge
Morning Garden Ceramic Wall Clock - $32   lurearts

Cheery Bright Red Pillow Cover - $29   PillowThrowDecor
Vintage Glass Tiny Red Stud Earrings - $12   WildWomanJewelry
Boho Embroidered Halter Top - $55   BreatheCouture

Bright Red Modern Owl Pillow Cover - $28    ClassicByNature
Big Clay Buttons - $7   Knme 
And because it is kind of what 'Dominion Day' means: Always wear your invisible crown - $25   joojoo

So much great work, so many beautiful shops!

Have a wonderful Holiday!