Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Etsy Meanderings

A couple of things...
I was away.

sorry that I didn't let you know in advance.
My Dad got sick and I had to go.
He's much better now.
whew. is closing

I've known about this last bit of news for a while but thought that I had lots of time to work out
an alternative site to edit on....


So the long and short of it is,

no banner photos today.

Just a few select sites to whet your whistle...

Here is Paula McDonough's lovely 'Love Lives Here' Enameled copper necklace. She runs VenBead.etsy and you've probably noticed that I've featured her many times before. She just makes such fantastic stuff, I can't help it! And she makes glass beads AND she's been featured in a couple of magazines, so you've seen her work other places than here, I'm sure. Here's a link to her lovley blog

love lives here necklace - $35                                         

This Boardwalk to Peace photograph from Florida's CitrusTreeDesigns is dreamy and wonderful! Speaks for itself, really.

but you know I can't allow that!

 Boardwalk To Peace - $25                                                 

And it's on a Buy 2 get 1 Free sale! How Fantastic!
Everytime I look at it, my heart runs down the boardwalk to the sand...

Featuring clothes from etsy is always 'tricky' because there are GREAT seamstresses out there who just don't take good photos, so really... there's no real way to know how great they are. I just see their strands in convos and I know that they are trying. I feel for them because getting great photos is something that I struggle with and now that picnik is closing  oh, don't get me started!... oh, wait. you didn't ;)

Consistently, though, Israeli seamstresses not only make innovative, breezy clothing; they take really great photos! I love them. Whenever, I 'discover' a new clothing line that I love, invariably they are from Tel Aviv! And nowonder is no different. A whisically themed shop, with a distinct Alice in Wonderland bend, they have dreamy clothes and accesories for those who are just a little 'mad'! Lovely.

Spaghetti-Strap Tank - $24                                   

That's all for today. I hope that you all have a fantastic weekend!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Friday Etsy Meanderings - One Day Late

Today was so sunny and lovely, we
went to the park for most of it,
now we're both slumped over our chairs
like 'boneless chickens at the boneless chicken ranch'.
(And THAT was YESTERDAY! I'm sorry to say that being late is getting to be the theme around here.)
 I didn't post THIS until Saturday!
That is boneless ;)

Long Dangle Pearl Earrings - $42    fussjewelry
Vintage Harmony Cup and Saucer - $10    modernspecific
Butterflies Flutter-bys Wall Decal - $17    Elephannie
Flower Field Necklace - $38    NestPrettyThingsShop 
Vintage Cerulean Blue Velvet Turban - $44    SkinnyandBernie


Goddess Tile Series - $38    blueroompottery
3 Reclaimed Oak Nesting Garden Boxes - $120   PegandAwl
Hand Stitched Personalized Coin Purse - $25    TooCuteCats
Navy Twill Swing Coat - $139.99   RiordanRoache
Little Star Earrings - $56.33USD   lazygiraffe

Fancy Yellow and Green Birdhouse with Reclaimed Iron - $200    AnyOldIron
Flying to My Garden Necklace - $34    rafya
Mediterranean Ceramic Hand Thrown Mug (4) - $80   BackBayPottery
Raccoon Pocket Totem Figurine - $42   HandyMaiden
Handmade Gardener's Diary - $19   dgwa

Gray Open Back Top - $105   naftul
The Different Rose Handmade Leather Flats - $85   TheDrifterLeather
Cranberry Scented Shea and Cocoa Butter Soap - $2.69USD   KiwiSoaps
Bast Egyptian Cat Goddess 8x10 Print - $15   EmilyBalivet
Natural Waxed Leather Kindle FIRE Case - $39   SleeWay

Topo Necklace - $32    neawear

Do you remember that Gary Larson cartoon I'm talking about?
'The Boneless Chicken Ranch'
Too Funny!

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Friday Etsy Meanderings - Take II

I have to say
when I posted my 'note' to say that I'd be posting today,
I was sure that I was just satisfying some silly notion 
pushed forward by my delusional ego.
Just now,
I signed in and saw that someone had clicked 'cool' on my notice,
actually giggled.

That is a medical possibility.
I'm not a doctor...
but I do assure you that it is! ;D
but seriously
Thanks for the love - whoever you are.... I'm still smiling.

Pearls for Susie Earrings - $10      lunalove
'The Owl' Necklace - $29.97USD     majalin
Pomegranate White Tea Cookies 1 Dozen - $11.50     ButterBlossoms
Hand Knitted Chunky Cable Scarf - $285    duende74
'LOVE' Heart Shaped Rattle with Dragonfly - $38     SeeingIsBelieving


So with the cockles of my heart warm and fuzzy,
and your path pointed firmly in the direction of meander,
I bid you a fond farewell.

Have a Great, Great Weekend!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Etsy Meanderings...

PLEASE check back tomorrow.
So sorry that it's going to be late.
Something came up.
Love and hugs!