Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Paying Debts

I have debts. I'm sure you have debts.
maybe not, I don't REALLY know you.

Some are serious and some are not so.
And some are personal debts: something that you owe a friend because you value that person.
This is about a personal debt.
A while back, I sold three pairs of earrings to a friend of mine back home.
After she recieved them, she sent me 'a bunch of beads she wasn't going to use', and that she figured I 'could do something with.'

I was so surprised when I received an adorable little black box in the mail, and when I opened it...
it was stuffed with so, so, sooooo many great things!!
Opals, pearls, coral, even gold wire.

It was a little treasure chest.

I'm sorry that I don't have any pics to share of the experience.
What I do have to share are a couple of the earrings that I've made her as a thank you.
To repay my debt to her.

red coral on gold wire

blue pearls on silver wire

I hope that she loves them as much as I loved receiving her gift to me.

Have a great day!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bead Soup Blog Party

The Beads are IN!

My wonderful Bead Soup partner
Linda Djokic from lutkaandco
made and sent me my wonderful bead soup collection.

She's so wonderful!
She couldn't have known
I'm in love with blue and green right now 
she made that KEY for me!
Can you FEEL my excitement???
I hope that you all have a great day!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings

I've been busy this morning!
Making new jewelry and finding great finds on etsy for you folks to peruse this weekend.

I'll post new pics of jewelry on Monday, but I'll be adding to the shop all weekend (hopefully) so keep checking in there!

Here we go with the fun, fantastic finds.

For the Kids & the Kid in You

Organic Kids Messenger Bag -$60   SewnNatural
Funny Rainbow Beaded Necklace - $45   SarahRobinL
Sugar Skulls & Rainbow Stripes Outfit - $45   mamarunswithscissors(On Vacation)
Good Luck Elephant Bracelet - $35   theluckyelephant
Fun in the Sun Upcycled Art - $30   BootsNGus

For the Kitchen
Homemade Apple Pie in a Jar - $7.50   LetThemEatPie
Ernest Sohn Coffee Pot - $70   kiteless
his morning strut - $475   artmeister

For the Spirit

I hope that you enjoyed my finds today, that it provides a good place for you to meander off from, and 
Glorious Weekend!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Country Fair

So Pamela and I set off to the fair yesterday - the County Fair.

Now, because I'm Canadian, this is one of those things that I had thought that I've never experienced ...we don't have counties. I was a little nervous.
But I've been to Summer Faires. This was one of those. 
Relief - I wasn't going to commit some grand faux pas.

There might be 'faux pas' committed at county fairs - I don't know!
 It was Grand.
the sun shone
 the boys were in their double stroller
and there were tractors and mini combines galore.

 Zeke was pretty blissed out!
                          It was Great.
And Zeke's fave - CHICKENS!!
...more cows that the boys knew what to do with...
and a corn bin.
Kids love textures and tactile experiences so that was a blast.
Like I said, GREAT!
And best of all we got it all done before naptime!
Have a great day.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Esty Meanderings

If only the afternoon heat were not betrayed by the cool of morning...
I could go on believing in summer.

But as it stands, it is not meant to be.

There is talk of a cold winter on people's lips.
I say.
Let it BE Fall First!!
cozy & romantic

Tiny sakura teardrop earrings - $32    wearthou
White Ivory Hand Knit Dress SALE - $350   Muza
Valley of Love Copper Bracelet - $38   OneHeartJewelry
Estelle Shea Butter Robin Soap - $5   orangethyme

 shorter seaside visits

Illustrator Cuffs - $39  InnerWild
Kai Mana Fine Art Photo - $30   honeytree
Compass Charm - $3.15   pinksupply
c.1912 Erte 'Titantic' teens underbust corset - $425   PeriodCorsets

long walks in the countryside

Barn Owl Photograph - $15   AppaloosaDesigns
Baroque Jacket Brocade Silk mixed - $200USD   AliceCouture
Kaleidoscope Bronze Tone Adjustable Clay Ring - $15   smafactory
Quiet Path Photograph - $12   LaurenBPhotography
Large Teardrop Dangle Earrings Copper - $54   AWEshop  these earrings are being featured in the ArtisanGroup's Emmy Swag Bags

last few days out at the cabin

Glowing Ocean Waters Earrings - $49   Candies64
Set of Carved Porcelain Pendant Lamps - $850   isabelleabramson
Orange Balloon Skirt - $58   Onshore
Thistle 11x11 print - $48   yellena
Mirage Handwoven Beaded Cuff - $42   KuzuAccessories

packing up for the season

World Traveler Duffel Bag - $149   StudioCherie
Fishermans Catch Necklace - $54   kmaylward
Let's Drift Away Driftwood Boat - $83   GiftsandStars 
Goddess Tunic Dress  - $89   duende74

bright remnants of summer

Hope for a New Beginning Digital Collage Print - $20   anotherbrightidea
Milkshake 4 Necklace - $130   3squares
Boxy Creamer & Sugar Set Made to Order - $75   GlazedOver
Finding Nemo Decoupage Bangle - $35   ericosmicgirl

lovely blues and oranges of the changing season

Oh, how the dream of summer stays forever in our hearts...

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bead Soup Blog Party

So I have joined a Bead Soup Blog Party.

Never done one before
I am super excited!!

Lori Anderson at hand matched the, approximately, 300 entrants! Hand Matched!!

Thanks Lori!
My partner is the warm and wonderful Linda @ Lutkaandco.

She makes glass lampwork beads, jewelry and loves making digital collages.

My favorite pair of her earrings!

Two gorgeous digital creations.

She's very talented! Check out her store and her blog.
 I hope that she enjoys the beads I send her!

Now... I
have to
choose    what    those   might   be...

decisions, decisions... lol
And you KNOW I'm great with those!!

Have a great day!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunset Cherries

We went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday.

I LOVE Farmer's Markets!
My parents helped start the market in Penticton, BC - which was weird that they didn't have one, but they didn't.
so the parents dug in with a group of other like minded individuals and started what is now a bustling mainstay of the Penticton Summer scene.

So I was very happy to see that the Farmer's Market is an anchor here in the farming area of the Columbia Plateau. So fantastic, so supportive to the local economy and just general fun!

We got some organic cherries and peaches from Tonnemakers, and some un-officially organic berries from the Mennonite Ladies that grow organically, because they always have. I love that, almost, more than if they got officially certified. Their insistence that sustainability is honoring where your food comes from year after year.
Something we should all put into practice.

So, as the sun set on yet another summer day...

the Z-man and I sat out on our back patio, enjoying the cooling air and the day's bounty.

 He had to include his foot in this photo. I love it!

 Ooooo he's quick!

I better stop snapping pics - they're going fast!!
Here's to you enjoying your bounty!
Have a great day!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings

"Do you remember when we used to sing, "Shalalalalalala la tee da" just like that?"
Van Morrison

Hello, Hello!

It's Friday again! Wow. My week went fast! How 'bout yours?
Once again, I have some creative, wonderful collections to share.

A Little bit Rock n'Roll
1960 Colorful Geometric Print Dress & Jacket - $12     MagpiesShop
Play Me Fine Art Photo Metallic 24x30 - $90    5ft3photography
Vintage 60s Tapestry Go-Go Boots/Handbag - $250    retrothreadz
1948 mid Century Ranch Photo - $22    lucysnowephotography  
Rose Sterling Silver & Carnelian Necklace - $32   lavalleygirly

 For the Kids
I'm Being Raised By Wolves (12-18 mos)  - $18    eggagogo
Nature's Graduation Organic Cotton Blanket - $195   mybluepeacock
The Aesop for Children by MiloWinter - $6   ClosetFull

 Coffee Break
Free Formed Ceramic Earrings Daisy - $27    SeeingIsBelieving
Grounds for Thought Photo - $28    RightOnStrange
Coffee Break Number 1 - $32.29USD    YannPendaries 
Skeleton Mugs (4) - $100   antb

 Earthy & Fun
Diamond, Gold & Silver ID Bracelet - $172    Marajoyce
Full Tattoo printed socks - $45   MajoReyStore
Charcuterie Cutting Board made of Salvaged Black Walnut - $100    grayworksdesign
Cool Dude Reggie Textile Art Pin - $12   ZiBagz

 Fall for Your Lifestyle
Marimekko Picnic Blanket - $195   SewnNatural
Yellow Felted Wool Slippers - $60   Grazim
Coaster Squares - $28    yorktownroad
Petite Edible Sugar Leaves 2 Dozen - $55.20    andiesspecialtysweets
Vintage Potato Chip Tin - $12   Vintageurbancowgirl

 Pretty and Pink... and Purple :D

Big Math Fine Art Print - $30  brandistrickland
Vintage Maxi Dress Mexican Roses - $145   AidoCoronado
Bleached Baby OOAK Alpaca/Silk - $28.62USD    Dyeforwool
Mock Turtleneck Pattern - $7   loriversaci
Purple Acorn Brass Necklace - $28   Candies64 


Silver Watchtower Pendant OOAK - $42   DreamofaDream
I Dreamt of a Foggy Morning Fine Art Photo - $40   joystclaire
Red Creek Jasper & Silver Bracelet - $88   theBeadAerie

Each week I'm astounded by how many really, really fantastic artists are working out there!

So many people being creative and making really wonderful items!
It's like a giant swirling pool that anyone can dive into and come out of feeling refreshed and alive...
at least 
with a big smile on their face.
So inspiring.
I love it!

Have a great weekend! And may your the soundtrack in your heart bounce off the walls of the world!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Something you may not know about me
(or maybe you do)
is that I 
fairy tales.
I love romantic comedies, I love to hear how you and your significant other met, and I love to know what your favorite fairy tale is/was.
If I were to get a Doctorate it would be studying the way fairy tales manifest themselves in daily life.

If there is such a thing!
I love them.
I find them intriguing.

So today when Jessi of DreamofaDream featured me in her beautiful fall treasury

I just had to return the favor! And when I started looking around I came across
RenataandJonathan's gorgeous Rose Red Embrace print and I was inspired!!

I have always thought of me and my sister as Rose Red and Snow White, because when we were little I was blonde with ringlets and she had dark hair with creamy white skin. I still dream of a house with one white rose and one red rose growing outside...

So, naturally, I created this...

And I, also, have to just say a big thank you to RGsocks and moocowhandknits for taking such great pictures of their socks and especially to moocowhandknits for having one of the only photos of socks pointing to the right! There's a lot of left facing sock photos out there!! :D

Have a very Romantic Day!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bad memory...

Bad memory, that's what I've gone and gotten myself.

And it really seems to have come at a bargain basement price.
...of course, I'm not a reliable source!

As I make my way through my work this morning, I amstruckbyallthethingsthatIhave FORGOTTEN!!

let's see:
I agreed to make a couple people something handmade - can't really remember WHO I made this promise to...
'she' was one, but...the


THANK GOD that etsy has a 'paper trail' or I'd be lost!

Now what else did I say I was going to do???
Have a great day!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Wenatchee Again

the Thunderstorms threatened...
We had family in town for a summer holiday.
I checked the weather and the only place around that had sunshine was Wenatchee, so we set off.

Wenatchee Again.

I have to say that this little town is endeared to my heart: the architecture, mature trees downtown, coupled with the river and the high number of sunshiney days is what does it for me!

 Downtown        Wenatchee

 A hint of the classic architecture behind downtown's lovely foliage.
 a closer look

 a couple of guys enjoying a laugh

 the city hall fountain

Lovin Life!

Have a great day and make a trip to Wenatchee, WA, USA when you can!