Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Tuesday!!

I hope that you all had a great long weekend.
I did. Lots of work and lots of rest.
Nothin better!!
No matter how I'm feeling, though: happy, grumpy:
I always see hearts in different places, here's one I captured in my prep pan for my scalloped potatoes!
I see them everywhere.
Another person who sees hearts everywhere - helps to create them so that you can see them
everywhere too -
is ceramic artist Pamela Petry.
Her etsy shop is SeeingIsBelieving.

Here's a sampling of her fantastic work:
Earth Inspired Earrings - $27                  
The jewelry goes home to you in one of these wonderfully handcrafted pouches. She pays attention to every detail!

Her wall plaques are really, really wonderful too.

You are my sunshine Wall Plaque - $40
Antique Star Wall Plaque - $25
Organic Letter Motif Wall Plaque - $25
Heart Motif Wall Plaque - $25
Earth Inspired Heart with recycled glass - $27 
Nature Inspired Heart - $25
She makes rattles too.
They are little whimsical pieces of art with a fun, surprising addition to her art's already tactile nature.

Keepsakes for your little one or just for you because you love them!

I love all her dragonflies and circles and quotes: an artist after my own heart!

cheesy, but it had to be done ;)

Have a great day!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings

And THIS week, I'm LATE!!

Well, there's no accounting for accountability ;)

who knows what that means??

I confuse, even myself! :D
But, wow, oh wow, have I got some fantastic finds for you today!

First, for the kid in all of us! 
yes, seriously. I just said that.

insert head shake, it's okay, I don't mind.
I do it all the time

Man in the Moon Toddler T - $22  WrenWillow
Jelly beans pillow cover - $20  miasole
Urban Picnic Rollup - $25  NstarStudio
Small Abacus Necklace - $45  aforebre

  Aren't all these colors freaking fantastic! I love them!

 Abrupt segue alert.
Speaking of things that I love...
I don't know if you've seen it, but I love the blog bodeswell - oh.
 how I envy them.

when I first met my husband, I fell for him because,
  as I said to my friend, 
'he looked like the kind of guy you could live in a bus with.' 
She said, 'no. no, he isn't.' 

She was right.

and here I am, 
11 years later, dreaming over items I would take along into my daydream of living in a VW bus with my guy...
Tall Stripes & Dots Mug - $20  owlcreekceramics
Necklush Orange and Red - $42  necklush and that model & photo is too, too fantastic to resist - he might have to come too ;)   I'm sure Brian won't... oh, never mind!
Peruvian Poncho - $350   annedrager      made from my homeland's famous/infamous Hudson's Bay Blanket
Men's Canvas Bag - $320  forestbound
don't feel too, too sad for me not having my VW dream - I'm too much of a whiner to do it for any length of time.
And while I AM CANADIAN. 
I don't like to be 
and that does cause an early wrap up to more than the odd number of camping trips!

And Finally,
did I do a 'second'?

This photographer,
Has simply fantastic spacial presence in her photos.
Her light quality is so still it's enveloping.

Stained - $25                                                       Pinky Novak - $45                                      Snow Falling on Maple - $35

Wonderful.   Odd.   Magical.

Have a great weekend!

It's a long weekend here in the US, so I'll see you Tuesday!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I 'lost' my baby at naptime

Yesterday evening, I think to myself, "Zeke's sleeping too late, I'll go open his door, so he can wake up."

I opened his door, and looked in. 
This is what I saw...

In an instant, I panicked.


"Someone broke in and ransacked his room - now he's gone!"

So, I panicked.

But he was there.
See him?

Guess he just had to ransack his room before he could rest?

He slept there for another hour and half... with the door open.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

etsy update

I was just milling around etsy, loitering as it were, and I saw a few great stores have new additions.

Two of my faves are creativityismessy and Germaphobe a mother-daughter team from Spokane, WA.

Mom, Tera, runs creativityismessy; a very fun store with lots spunk.
I love all her fun creations!

Here's a few of Tera's new items:

Caffeine Junkie Ring - $10
Bottlecap necklace Rowdy Blonde Cowgirl - $15

Aren't they adorable!

and here's a couple of items for the more vintage sophisticate:

Feather earrings and Button Rings are so HOT right now!
You'll have to decide if 'vintage' refers to you or your style ;)
oh, feeling sassy this morning!

Daughter, Angela, runs Germaphobe. And who wouldn't trust a geramaphobe to make their personal care items?!
Actually she's wonderfully open about how she came to live a germ-free lifestyle for the sake of her father's health - check out her profile!
 Here's a little sampling of Angela's new listings:
 Gift pack Hand Sanitizer - $6

Her photos are good enough to eat!

very frustrating trend among etsy soap sellers ;P lol
I could go for some creme brulee and it's only 10AM!!

But I guess it's the best way to help you shop for soap, since the smell of soap is sooo important!

OK ok I forgive them! :D

What are some of your favorite shops new additions?
Anything you're excited about?
Please share!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I have a tendency to start things and not really... finish...

Sad, but true.

It's getting frustrating.

But the muscles just run slack and my hands open. I turn my head and the next, pretty, shiny thing catches my attention.

This morning 
Philadelphia's moonlightphotography has caught my attention.
 And while that may be an easy feat, it in no way diminishes the beauty of Deborah Lehman's photography.

and so my 'to do list' sits forgotten on the table next to my scraped yogurt bowl and drained coffee mug while I just peruse this wonderful store!

I love the magic and sparkles that each of Deborah's photos exhibits.

Here's a little quote from her etsy profile:
"I have always been very passionate about photography but in recent years it has become a joy I can't do without!
I am self taught ... so here goes!

Each photo, for me, is a work of art. I love beauty so when I take a photo I love to add, enhance or simply do nothing. The fun part is the finished product, hopefully it will reach it's fullest potential.
I hope when looking and purchasing my photos
you will experience some of the joy and
passion I felt while shooting them!!"

I love that she uses as many exclamation points as I do!! :D
This last one's for my sister Jennifer, because today is her birthday, and she loves cats!! I love you, Honey! 
kisses, t

Here's hoping that your day is filled with magic and love!
(that last wish is for everyone)

PS I just wanted to include the truly fantastic treasury that led me to this fantastic artist!
Here's shayleenb's 'I went hiking on Sunday'

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Esty Meanderings

The Meanderings have come early THIS morning!

wow, what's up with me?? I'm up and at 'em this morning.

...my typing skills are suffering though - if only you could see how many times I'm hitting the back space button - so let's just get on with it, shall we...
I'm in a little lovey mood, so let's start with this fantastic photo from Montreal photographer bomobob. Robert's work is mostly soft and dreamy and fantastic, but this one just sticks out for me! I love how retro and graphic it is.

Isn't it wonderful?

For those of you who don't know know me - or for those of you who have gotten to know me recently and consequently don't know because I don't do it nearly OFTEN ENOUGH! 
so check out all this cool bike gear!
Fused Glass Earrings - $20   groovyglassgirl
2 Hand Printed Bike Pint Glasses - $35   vital
Old-Fashioned Bicycle Briefcase - $450    LUCIOUSLEATHERNYC

And these next things I love because
it's today
and when I saw them, I fell madly in love...

it just happens
can't be helped
I'm like that!

OOAK Vintage Fabric Owl - $24   gnorasaurus
Simple Geometry Triangle Earrings - $84  kathiroussel
French Nougat Sampler - $10  KettleConfections
Crazy Lace Mexican Agate Necklace - $130  lilbitty
Black Pearl Necklace - $14.99  laromantica
LOVE Print - $26  YuliyaArt

One Dreamy Dress and an Outstanding Organizer:

Darling Cream Dress - $24   SwiftFoxVintage
In Touch Clutch (tm) -  $30  downstairsDesign
And flowyogamats is an eastern washington artisan that I covet because
there was one, for a nano second but it closed to make room for tanning beds...
no comment.
just reporting the facts.

we made it!
my pinky is tired from ALL that backspacing
Make it a happy weekend!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stereotypes: Unfortunate Truths

So it just struck me....

while I'm inside making 
My hubby's outside, doing this.

That's him mowing the lawn and NOT dancing a jig as you may have previously thought!

But True.
Stereotypes, though the world could use more jigs.

eastern washington etsy street team: Interview with Tracey Weiser of Summerone

Here's an interview that I gave for one of the teams that I'm on at etsy! Lots of background stuff! check it out!

eastern washington etsy street team: Interview with Tracey Weiser of Summerone

Wednesday Update, whether you need one or not!

I just wanted to share this photo with you.

I took it awhile ago, but when I was looking through my photos for something to post - I realized that I hadn't posted this one!

See how the apple is in the shape of a heart? Awesome, eh?
I was teasing a friend of mine, that I see hearts so often that I was going to put together a 'found hearts collection' - I was teasing her that I was going to steal one of her photos for my collection.
She, of course, agreed! She's game for most things though :D
Anyways, the heart is always a good place to start.
Ahhhh smarmy!!!
Other than that, I have not too, too much to report.
Here's a pair of earrings that I made for a friend of mine, she doesn't read this blog so I'm pretty sure the surprise is safe! 
I've almost finished a repair of a bracelet I made for my mumma.
She had a VERY long necklace that was glass beads and gold covered plastic ones.

She always loved the glass beads, but didn't like how long the necklace was.
She could never find a reason to wear it.
she DID love to wrap it around her wrist!
So I took it apart and put the glass beads on stretch cord.

She likes to just slide things on.

It looked a little something like this,
but then it broke and she lost some of the beads.
so I added the blue glass row. 
It looks like nice, I think...
and a little bit different! Which I like.

I also made this necklace - actually, I made two of the pendants but I finally got one strung on a chain.

so I'm off to do what ever it is that the day has in store for me...
Laundry and yardwork, I think.

The MRSA in my toe seems to be responding well to the medication, so that means I can get out there and attack the jungle that my lawn has become.
(I sprained my toe last week and the MRSA got under the skin where the swelling met the nail. blast. It's hard to tell how Zeke is responding: the site has gotten bigger, but without a head anymore. so maybe good, maybe bad.)

I hope that your day is GREAT!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday - New week, new challenges

MRSA again.

so more doctors appointments and laundry, laundry, laundry.

They say that your house will never been clean enough to prevent it, but it Zeke seems to get it just after I've been really sick and the house is a disaster zone.

so either my housecleaning skills could prevent it or when I'm sick he doesn't eat as well as he should and his immune system is weak....

Either way, I'm sure it's my fault.

But I'll make a doctor's appointment, scrub everything and SHAKE it OFF!

It's raining again today...

Which is very odd.

Moses Lake has an average rainfall of 7.69 inches.

And I think that we've gotten that already this spring!

the flowers love it!!

Now I just have to get some dirt for my garden beds
 which DO have the landscape fabric stapled into the bottom of them,
but it's been so long that the weeds, you see inside the forms, are now much taller!!

But for now
it rains.

so I've gotten a gardening reprieve.
I'll eat my cream of wheat
a rainy day MUST!

- and head to the doctor's.
wish us luck!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings

It's a good day for treasuries on etsy today!
God. I could barely wade through them with my credit card still in my wallet!

But I held it together. Got a hold of myself.
picked these stellar items for you to enjoy.

and maybe buy for someone you love, maybe you!

Rustic Candles (Set of 6) - $54   RusticWeddingStyle
Four Eco-Friendly Glass Tumblers - $36   bottlehood
Vintage Hand-stamped Cheese Spreaders - $42.50   BeachHouseLiving
Beach Vintage Sign Pillow Cover - $35.00   myadobecottage

 It goes without saying, but I'm saying IT! I love all these items. That's why I picked them. 
I've been in love with those eco tumblers for a while now
They also fuse-cut (or however they cut them with a smooth even edge) embossed glass bottles
To get a set of your old-timey fave root beer glass bottles, or perhaps, just beer bottles as glasses
Love it.

and this is...
Self Explanatory.                                          

Black Chic Slit Tunic - $175   SHIHAR
Long Brass Necklace Bracelet - $10    BrassLady
Seagulls Moving Chaotically - $10   thebqe
Laughing Liippa Half Slip - $40   undertheroot

Ginger Cat - $22   Marjji
Funky Squares Coffee Coaster - $5   thechristmascorner
Big Picture: Tub Caddy - $110   PegandAwl

by ClassicKeepsakes           

oooooo... I feel bad for the fantastic items I left behind.
Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Treasury challenges

I love treasury challenges and I 

Fairy tales!
Totally separate topic:
I once did a paper on the psychological aspects of fairy tales, and it was my favorite project hands down!


So I was super excited when the TPT team on etsy posted this challenge!
And here's my answer!

"Challenge Answered!" very fairy-tale-esq

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Toddlers and art

 I know that not all of you have kids, but I just feel the urge to talk about being an artist and a mom.

Oh, Toddlers!
They can sometimes be exasperating!!
Little darlings that they are.

Last week one of my fellow etsy team members on Inland Northwest Team, posted that she was... 

I don't want to say in desperate need... but because that's the way I've felt on the subject that's the word I'm going to use.... 
desperate to know how parents of toddlers worked artistically and had a shop on etsy and kept their sanity.

That's what I've been wondering, for sure.
I'd say that how much kids need you immediately has been my biggest challenge as a parent. I don't know if it's because I was older when I had my son or its just my personality. But I frequently described myself as not having post postpartum depression as having postpartum anger

I would seriously get grumpy when I was in the middle of a project or just picked up my pliers and he needed me again. 
Childish, maybe. 
But it was what I had to work through. 

Now that he is bigger and we can talk about his needs, he can work in the office with me: hammering on beads, writing, playing hockey with a bead and a pencil crayon - and it's sunny, so that he can go outside and play in the dirt - we're both a lot happier!!
But I'll definitely be taking Sarah's advice if and when we have another baby. It's so civilized and sensible.
As I said, there was a post to my etsy team and
there were lots of great suggestions - 
it's a super supportive team with quite a few moms -
Sarah from sarahndippity had great suggestions!
To paraphrase her post, she encourages self sufficiency in the kids and balances that with some craft and reading time together.

That way your children/child develops self esteem because he can do for himself. She also can see that you care for her because you sometimes include her in your work.
(I changed pronouns because that reflects the politically correct time frame in which I studied English. Can't be helped really!)

As you can see, I have managed to share my craft space with my short friend!
I wish he was an artist in training! While he will draw/color for a short time, he always get back to organizing his supplies!
Lining up his crayons, putting all his beads in a piece of leg: not necessarily cleaning up - as you can see!
But organizing none-the-less!

But I still need to work on letting go of my ...what?
What do you call that voice in your head that says "oh, right. I wanted to..." and "I said that I was going to..."

That's what I need to let go of.
Cause I find myself following it, much to Zeke's dismay.
But to be frank, he's not really that self sufficient yet.
We haven't been working on that much at all.
I still do WAY too much for him.
(As the long deserted bowl of his third helping of yogurt and toast will attest to.
He just had to have it!)
So what if it took me two hours to write this post, while I edited product photos to send to a customer and commented on team discussions, while he ate and watched tv, and he showed me how to jump from the ottoman to the chair and moved the 'chickens' inside and outside (which were actually containers of plants) and I cuddled them and made him round after round of breakfast...

I might get a handle on being an artist mom...
Is that possible??

Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings

It's springtime.

Just in case you haven't noticed any changes in your neck of the woods yet!

Time for yardwork, dressing in layers and riding your bike.

so I decided to focus today's meander through the 'layering options' to be found on etsy.
I featured this really fun shop boygirlparty in a treasury that I made for teacher's day on Tuesday.
and when I looked on their shop today....
and I swear I didn't plan this
they have a fantastic hoodie
with two owls riding a BIKE!
oops! thanks to susie @ boygirlparty for letting me know it is a dog and a cat! yikes!
sorry for that :D 

love it!!

Not that I don't already own a LOT of grey ;)
what's one more?

There are so many great tops for layering your bod while the summer gods and winter gods fight it out.
your layering needs are more
cropped bolero - $195.19USD  malam



 or fun!
Etsy has so many offerings for everyone!

So layer up and get out there!
It's going to be blustery, hot and chilly fun.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Today is the first day I've started to feel better...

I got a whopper of a cold Sunday night and I've been down for the count ever since. Well, not really down, cause I'm a mom. So I took care of my fella, played, fed and watered him but not anything else.
(except perhaps lurk around the internet)
I read on another blog that a few other people were sick, going to bed with soup and magazines to rest and recover.

I'm jealous!

These were people who have stated that they wish they had children and all I could think is that wonderful day of recovery you have planned for yourself could never happen if you had children. (well, maybe if you have a nanny) Children mean NEVER having a day OFF for sickness or anything else...ANYTHING. Well, a coma might exempt you, but kids are tough bosses; they allow for very few excuses ;)

Anyways, that's my whiny way of explaining why I haven't posted yet this week.

I have gotten it together enough to repost a wonderful treasury that I saw this morning on etsy.

Made by the fantastic letterpress shop sweetharvey.

Not only do they put together gorgeous treasuries, they have supremely wonderful products.

All individually screenprinted!

Seriously you couldn't make your OWN items at those great prices!
And I don't know about you, but mine wouldn't be this great; would almost be described as mediocre!
 please accept my wishes for your continued health and happiness! I'm hedging that these wishes may help mine ;)