Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Good Morning...


I start 'work' today.
Work outside the home, that is, and
I don't know how I feel about that.


I guess, is the best way to describe my feelings.
Mixed in with the garden variety, "I wonder if I'll be any good at this. I wonder if they'll like me."
is the grief of missing my little guy.

We haven't spent a day apart.
And even though, today is broken into chunks (I'll come home for lunch) it's the loom of the series of days to follow this one. The sadness I've seen in other mother's eyes, creeping into mine, that I'm nervous of.

Today's wiccan power color is Black: the void.

So I shall do that release my grief into the void, step out into the unknown, and get set for adventure.

Let go and let god.

Here's to a great day for us all!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Etsy Meanderings

I've gotten a burst of energy this morning.
Maybe because I'm headed to my family's for some R&R,
Maybe because my birthday is coming up and I've been applying for work, lately,
I feel a surge of new beginning,
whatever the reason, I thought
why not post this morning...
before yoga and pulling weeds.

This is an original oil by Jennifer Greenfield at AstralArts, titled 'Surrounded'.

Doesn't it just have 
all the magic that your heart feels 
when you watch a sunset ...or this morning... a sunrise?

I think that it's perfect.

 As I was cleaning out my email, I came across the Dutch Etsy newsletter, and instantly fell in love with 
Sandra at SandraDieckmann has created this illustration for your enjoyment, on paper and tote bags, and 
she has so many fanatastic creatures you're bound to find your totem spirit there,
or at the very least, an creature who's company you enjoy ;)

These spunky darlings at LizardsJewelry from Lovettsville,Virginia. Made of polymer clay and sterling silver. Wow. I don't know about you, but I am amazed of the ways people use polymer clay!
It just doesn't inspire me, but then I see things that other people make and I'm
BLOWN AWAY! Polymer Clay? Really?

Stackable, stretch bracelets: LOVE THEM!!
You get this whole set, everything you see here: $26 Buckeroos!
I'm not even kidding.

Stunning, just stunning.
Well, I hope that you all have a wonderful time celebrating whatever you are
celebrating this fine summer weekend, hoist a toast to me, and my birth, would ya,
Dance, always make time to DANCE!

All the best!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Experiments Around the Homestead

Usually I'm one to give something a try once, as long as it's not 
Bungey Jumping or Sky Diving,
so when I saw this on Pinterest and Z had the start of a cold
I thought,
what the heck, I'll take some too.
It hasn't worked in 5 hours like the post here said,
but I DO feel better

and it tastes like a hot tamale

what's wrong with that?

Here's hoping that you have a great day!!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Mid-Week Find

So I was just roaming around Etsy, as I'm wont
to do,
I saw 

be still my heart.


I'm surprised

Surprised and a little tickled.

You're still checking in to see if I've written. You're reading old posts.


Thank YOU!

I've been thinking of returning to this blogging thing and pondering the direction I'll take it,
I thought

no one was out there.

So Thank you.

Have a great day!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Etsy Meanderings

Oh, it is soooo sunny and lovely here.

I'm like a cat stretching in the sun... it's glorious.

So it's really odd, ODD, that my first pick today is Corid's lovely, sad print

I love how the words she's chosen can be read in very different ways: 'bewilder' can describe the state she's in because of her difficulties or what she needs to do to get out of them! So many layers; all in Corid's delicate, graphic style. Scrumptious, even if it is a little dreary.
And it's always somehow adorable. Some of you might recognize her art style from
Kleenex boxes - her wonderful, whimsical owls graced their sides this last fall
Pullman girl makes good!
....so fantastic and inspiring...

This fantastic sunflower hoodie caught my eye right away. It plucked at my heartstrings and demanded to be
Since reading those northface quotes on Pinterest and learning that I needed a new 'something to make
me seem adventurous and alluring while standing in line for coffee', 
(I have yet to EVEN own a northface jacket, but I DID always believe the people who wore them were more
adventurous than me - for those of you who have NO IDEA what I'm talking about, please see here because I love Northface jackets and will probably still save up my ducats to buy one! After I get this hoodie.)     
I've been searching for just the 
But I can see that I need search no more.
This fantastic hoodie by naturwrk at once draws the viewer in and says that I'm romantic
maybe a little wild...

Exactly the image I'm trying to project.
Branding complete ;)
And though it may sound a little like I'm being glib here, because I'm using my glib tone,
please KNOW that I am not! Sometimes when I love something,
I get a little, little bit dramatic and it comes across as glib and facetious, but it's just that I'M SOOOO EXCITED it comes across that way: it is no reflection on how fantastic I believe this item to be.
Because I do believe it is

only two meanders today.
More of small stroll, to stretch our legs really.
But please remember to peruse all the great etsy shops at your leisure!
Happy Weekend!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Etsy Meanderings

Those of you who know me, know that I LOVE, love, Love great socks!
Let me amend that.
I've only been going through a little love affair with them recently.
Those people who have known me since high school were, undoubtedly, puzzled.
It may be recent, but it sincere.

This fantastic little shop makes hand printed socks. Hand printed!

And oooo aren't they lovely! These are Hand Printed Fruit Socks in Peach.  
StrathconaStockings - I love you!
(I hope you were using your theatrical 'yelling' voice while you were reading that.
It was necessary. Trust me.)

Speaking of 'LOVE'.

Natta Leonard over at LoftFullOfGoodies makes these scrumptious ombre cuffs - to order.
Sweet. And at $14 you'd be crazy not to get yours. You gotta know this fun trend is just starting.
You gotta get in on this.
Honey and orange with blue highlights: perfection. It's like summer wrapped around your neck.
Being that it's made in Spain, this little beauty's creator might just know a little something about sunshine and 
how to capture it just for you. I think that she did a perfect job.
Buy it before I do.
$28 at SarahRobinL

And there has to be something for my little superhero.
This wonderful backpack is just the ticket!
The other day we're getting ready to go out and he says,
"Are you ready to save people? I am. If we see any bad guys, I'll go like this and like this."
And then he was an awkward blur of flails and kicks, that I'm sure were
in his mind's eye.

I was actually pretty proud. He is a little superhero to me.
Reminds me of that old Seinfeld joke about how
becoming a

"Superhero was actually a very real possibility to every little boy."

Something like that.
Have a great weekend.

I hope that you all have a wonderful time enjoying the holidays.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Etsy Meanderings

A couple of things...
I was away.

sorry that I didn't let you know in advance.
My Dad got sick and I had to go.
He's much better now.

Picnik.com is closing

I've known about this last bit of news for a while but thought that I had lots of time to work out
an alternative site to edit on....


So the long and short of it is,

no banner photos today.

Just a few select sites to whet your whistle...

Here is Paula McDonough's lovely 'Love Lives Here' Enameled copper necklace. She runs VenBead.etsy and you've probably noticed that I've featured her many times before. She just makes such fantastic stuff, I can't help it! And she makes glass beads AND she's been featured in a couple of magazines, so you've seen her work other places than here, I'm sure. Here's a link to her lovley blog http://www.venbead.blogspot.com/

love lives here necklace - $35                                         

This Boardwalk to Peace photograph from Florida's CitrusTreeDesigns is dreamy and wonderful! Speaks for itself, really.

but you know I can't allow that!

 Boardwalk To Peace - $25                                                 

And it's on a Buy 2 get 1 Free sale! How Fantastic!
Everytime I look at it, my heart runs down the boardwalk to the sand...

Featuring clothes from etsy is always 'tricky' because there are GREAT seamstresses out there who just don't take good photos, so really... there's no real way to know how great they are. I just see their strands in convos and I know that they are trying. I feel for them because getting great photos is something that I struggle with and now that picnik is closing  oh, don't get me started!... oh, wait. you didn't ;)

Consistently, though, Israeli seamstresses not only make innovative, breezy clothing; they take really great photos! I love them. Whenever, I 'discover' a new clothing line that I love, invariably they are from Tel Aviv! And nowonder is no different. A whisically themed shop, with a distinct Alice in Wonderland bend, they have dreamy clothes and accesories for those who are just a little 'mad'! Lovely.

Spaghetti-Strap Tank - $24                                   

That's all for today. I hope that you all have a fantastic weekend!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Friday Etsy Meanderings - One Day Late

Today was so sunny and lovely, we
went to the park for most of it,
now we're both slumped over our chairs
like 'boneless chickens at the boneless chicken ranch'.
(And THAT was YESTERDAY! I'm sorry to say that being late is getting to be the theme around here.)
 I didn't post THIS until Saturday!
That is boneless ;)

Long Dangle Pearl Earrings - $42    fussjewelry
Vintage Harmony Cup and Saucer - $10    modernspecific
Butterflies Flutter-bys Wall Decal - $17    Elephannie
Flower Field Necklace - $38    NestPrettyThingsShop 
Vintage Cerulean Blue Velvet Turban - $44    SkinnyandBernie


Goddess Tile Series - $38    blueroompottery
3 Reclaimed Oak Nesting Garden Boxes - $120   PegandAwl
Hand Stitched Personalized Coin Purse - $25    TooCuteCats
Navy Twill Swing Coat - $139.99   RiordanRoache
Little Star Earrings - $56.33USD   lazygiraffe

Fancy Yellow and Green Birdhouse with Reclaimed Iron - $200    AnyOldIron
Flying to My Garden Necklace - $34    rafya
Mediterranean Ceramic Hand Thrown Mug (4) - $80   BackBayPottery
Raccoon Pocket Totem Figurine - $42   HandyMaiden
Handmade Gardener's Diary - $19   dgwa

Gray Open Back Top - $105   naftul
The Different Rose Handmade Leather Flats - $85   TheDrifterLeather
Cranberry Scented Shea and Cocoa Butter Soap - $2.69USD   KiwiSoaps
Bast Egyptian Cat Goddess 8x10 Print - $15   EmilyBalivet
Natural Waxed Leather Kindle FIRE Case - $39   SleeWay

Topo Necklace - $32    neawear

Do you remember that Gary Larson cartoon I'm talking about?
'The Boneless Chicken Ranch'
Too Funny!

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Friday Etsy Meanderings - Take II

I have to say
when I posted my 'note' to say that I'd be posting today,
I was sure that I was just satisfying some silly notion 
pushed forward by my delusional ego.
Just now,
I signed in and saw that someone had clicked 'cool' on my notice,
actually giggled.

That is a medical possibility.
I'm not a doctor...
but I do assure you that it is! ;D
but seriously
Thanks for the love - whoever you are.... I'm still smiling.

Pearls for Susie Earrings - $10      lunalove
'The Owl' Necklace - $29.97USD     majalin
Pomegranate White Tea Cookies 1 Dozen - $11.50     ButterBlossoms
Hand Knitted Chunky Cable Scarf - $285    duende74
'LOVE' Heart Shaped Rattle with Dragonfly - $38     SeeingIsBelieving


So with the cockles of my heart warm and fuzzy,
and your path pointed firmly in the direction of meander,
I bid you a fond farewell.

Have a Great, Great Weekend!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Etsy Meanderings...

PLEASE check back tomorrow.
So sorry that it's going to be late.
Something came up.
Love and hugs!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Etsy Meanderings

So it seems that Friday is the only day that I post.
what can I say about that? what excuse do I have....
I guess winter hit our little family hard with sickness (just colds and such) and general doldrums, but
is in the air! So that's all about to change
I've ordered my seeds...
I'm not as good at gardening as I dream that I am.
In my mind's eye, the garden's bounty is well tended and weedless all season
harvested come Fall.
ahhh, it's a sweet dream.
Hope for me that this year I may come close to living the dream! Hope.
In that vein,
today's post is about all things Spring-y.
Just to put you in the mood, too, in case you aren't.

Ceramic Toad House - $44.02USD    TikaCeramics

Have a wonderful Day!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Etsy Meanderings

There are so many lovely finds today.
I seem to really be focused on love and hearts still.
Valentine's day is one of my favorite holidays: maybe I spent
too many years in retail, but I love wishing people
"HAPPY [anything]", really.
 And what can be better than a day for wishing LOVE on everyone you meet!
Some people say, 'it's a holiday invented by greeting card companies that makes the
lonely people lonelier.' 
I couldn't disagree more.
I say if you feel that way then you HAVE been manipulated by the greeting card companies.
Because it is a day for LOVE.
That is all.
I love that it's a day that everyone can share love
 without looking like a weirdo.
It's the most peaceful feeling.
And you can always make your own cards ;)

Red Freshwater Pearl Silver Ring - $18    SpiralsandSpice
Hearts A Flutter Linen Box - $29.98    hoganfe
Riveted Silver Flower with Red Garnet - $160    SilverMoth
Silver Firefly Loose Weave Shrug - $70    ileaiye
Laughing Buddha Wood Burned Bracelet - $45    SedonaArts

Felted Wool and Silk Scarf - $125    avivashwartz
Celtic Green Leather Journal - $45    DragonAlleyJournals
Red Honey Vase - $54    darshanpottery
Antique Victorian Silverplate Toothpick Holder - $68    curateandlove
Dark Grey Mini Hobo Bag - $39    tippithai

Made to Order Felted Scarf - $200    nafanyafelt
Pattern PDF Crocheted and Felted Polar Bear - $4    thebirdsandbees
Matisse Daydream Onesie - $18   lmkremer
Hammered Medium Hoop Earrings - $27    lavalleygirly
"Trust" Original Watercolor - $38   ChristinaRomeo


So I say there's still time to spread the love!
Write an email to someone who inspires you, or maybe just invite them to lunch.
Call someone you've been thinking about, an old friend or your sweetie. And don't worry
about what kind of love you have in your life,
There's lots of ways to spread the love, inspiration, general good vibes
now's the time you won't look like a big dweeb!
So make someone's day.

Have a great weekend!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Etsy Meanderings

 Good Morning.

It's the second morning in a row that it has rained here in the desert.
Which, of course, I find dreamy and romantic.
 And that's kind of the perfect mood
to be in for a valentine's party
- even if it's a preschool party!

Funky Soft Mini Tank/Dress - $29    GossipGirls
Doily Ring Bearer Pillow - $50    DuryeaPlaceDesigns
Tipi All-Weather Cotton Canvas - $399    willemcotton
Peony Heart Photo - $26    GoldenSection
Botanical Sachets (3) - $20   gardenmis

His and Hers Pill Box - $4.50     Mmim
Metallic Gold Pod Necklace - $40   blockpartypress
Lace Angels Collage Wall Hanger - $16   VecchioAmore
Skeleton with Heart Mug - $18   SecondChanceCeramics
Cropped Hand Knitted Sweater - $126    Silvia66

Gossamer Dreams Watercolor Print - $16   eastwitching
Seahorse Roboticus Scoop Neck Tshirt - $24   binarywinter
You Are Beautiful 8x10 Print - $18   theloveshop
Inspirational Collage - $32   JillsJoy
Large Print Lillies of the Valley 30x30 - $145   dsbrennan

Oversize 'Wings' Top Dark Blue - $55   onor
Vintage French Porcelain Pitcher - $98   lapomme
Red Owl - $95   natalyasots
LOVE Shimmy Tshirt Dress - $24    ShopRIC
Ceramic Bowls in Blue Topaz - $32   claylicious

Moonlight Tree Linocut Print - $20   starkeyart
Cheeky Bastard Mug - $25   PoFu
Hand Knitted Wool Socks - $38   SockClub
Red and White Graphic Pattern Notebook - $20.48USD   nauli
Oversize Wingback Chair - $925   trinaroseboutique

I love it when Valentine's Day is on a Monday or Tuesday, 
because that means
you have lots of chances at 
L O V E.
(In all its forms.)

Happy Weekend!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Etsy Meanderings

So I'm late today!
Got out and about early and that meant
that my butt
wasn't fixed in my chair,
my chin wasn't planted firmly in my palm,
while I searched through the latest

But better late than never and Hey! It's still FRIDAY!! :D

if you are firmly planted on this sunny, sunny day
you've found some lovely shops to visit!

Have a great weekend!!