Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings

It's Friday again,
I don't know why but the weather around here,
Rain overnight, light breeze, high clouds and a little blue sky.
I was raised in a rainforest, so this
kinda winter I can
I'm giddy, giddy, giddy.

And just because it's sooo fab

Here's hoping that you're having as great a day as I am!
Now I'm off to get out there and enjoy it!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I'm back!

So I'm back from my Christmas holiday excursion -an excursion it was- and I'm starting to feel rested so I made 
this treasury!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings

Good Afternoon!

Well, I am well behind on all things Christmas.

Piles of cardboard boxes sit piled around me, half opened, contents strewn about in an effort to
I don't know....
 I was feeling a little romantic this morning....
...and modern...

Set of 5 Folded Cards - $17     houseofharriet
Tender Time Bomb in Brown - $26     binarywinter
Eternal Love Necklace - $22     lindatrentjewelry
Lost on the Midway 8x10 Print - $16     theblackapple
Oversized Green Coat - $89    JulyS

...and adventurous...

Japanese Star Moss shirt in Navy - $26   Xenotees
Enameled Copper Heart Pin - $28   StudioSharon
Yarn Bowl - $32   sumiko
In the Mix Men's Felted Slippers - $86   OSmanufacture
Weekender Duffel Bag in Grey - $149   StudioCherie

 ...and spirited...

Handmade Primitive Cat Doll - $50    oldworldprimitives
Antique Star Pattern Heart Wall Plaque - $25    SeeingIsBelieving
Ceramic Sunburst Coffee Mug 16oz - $20    desertNOVA
Cast Iron Bird on a Branch - $18    beautifuldetailswed
KNOTS Cotton Scarf - $28     EcoShag

...and dreamy...

Warm Earth Copper & Ceramic Bracelet - $42     kmaylward
Love You To The Moon & Back - $35     ArtandSoulJewelry
My Garden Dress/Tunic - $135      IsabelAmyo
Autumn Spice Waxed Canvas Pouch - $38     PegandAwl 
Frosty the Snowman Ceramic Stamp - $8.50     distlefunk

I was feeling lots of moods, as is my way,
I hope that you found something to match your mood today.

And being that next week
Christmas, there
won't be a post from me.

I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday season!

Much love!

Monday, December 12, 2011

A few new listings in the shop

I'm back from the Holiday Line at the local post office. 
I've sent your orders packing on their way to your homes.

And I have to say they were HAPPY to go! 
 Then I started working on my listings.
And I thought I'd come over and share them with you.

So here's the latest.

I love them.

Here's hoping that your holiday preparations are going well.

Well, they are VERY behind,
they ARE Happening!
And I just keep telling myself that's the most important thing!

Have a great day!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings

I've been sick and trying to look for work.
You know. 
REAL work.

Not that unending mommy work that doesn't pay so well.
so I've been neglecting you all.

Thank goodness I posted those two meanderings last week.
Hopefully, those could tie you over.
Maybe next week, I'll do better ;) no promises though.

You know me, I'm a cheeky baby.

Flour Sack Towel with Christmas Trees - $12.50    besty
Silver Grey Tunic - $123.29USD   Malam
Ceramic Travel Mug - $30    sewZinski
Winter Berries 8x10 photo - $15    funflash
Waiting for You Necklace - $24    GardenOfSypria

Garden Rose and Orange Blossom Soap - $5   sweetpetula
Fiddlehead Fern Pendant - $35    stoastn
Red Wine Flower Felted Brooch - $23    JaneBoFelt
Brown Oversized Off Shoulder Wool Jersey Top - $38.96   EcoFriendlyForU
Hope Has Wings Bracelet - $50    SoulsFireDesigns

Silk Tree Ornaments - $18    SewnNatural
Deep Red Christmas Necklace - $70   okapiknits
Santa Cup & Plate Set - $42   claylicious
Vintage Brooch - $43   AndreaBacmanJewelry
Red/Orange Hebridean Hat - $65   13threads

Sun Drops Original Painting - $210   carmenmelton
Tangerine Dahlia Tea Towel - $26   ElkhornDesign
Carnelian & Tigerseye Pendant - $75   wildrootsdesigns
She Comes In Colours 8x10 - $41.45   belafontesbunsa
Cotton Cloth Tea Towel - $17    indobay

I just noticed that those collections are different sizes!
Operator error.

I'll do better next time.
Have a Great Weekend!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Etsy Meandering

Hello, hello.

The sun is shining brightly today.
Has been for a few days now, but the plans for Christmas continue to stack up.

Lots of fun gatherings, and cookies to bake!

I'm so bad at planning for those things; I get all excited and forget how many dozens of cookies that means I'll be making!
Oy vey.
Oh dear.
Ganbatte kudasai.

(you should now that I am always mixing up the 7 or 8 phrases I know in various languages)
It's part of what makes me endearing.

extremely silly.

But I digress.
Onward to the meandering.
I hope that you enjoy my wintery, romantic choices.

Merlot Drops Garnet and Gold Earrings - $42    loriyab
Ruby Heart Necklace - $36    AnnalisJewelry
Silk Scarf Silver Gray Scrolls - $30    margotbianca
Vintage Amethyst Glass Necklace - $225    vintagesparkles
Fiber Art Card - $20   BozenaWojtaszek

TEA CUP SET - $30   Brimfieldfinds
Recycled Hemp & Wool Shoulder Bag - $42   Uzura
Silver Snowflake Earrings - $44    JenniferCasady
Creame Spats, Boot Cuffs - $29.07USD    Lasunka
Flavia OOAK 11" Jointed Art Doll - $195    TheVoyagers 

Winter iPad Case - $41    GalaBorn
Black Wool Wrap Skirt - $89    MIRIMIRIFASHION
Snowbird 8x8 Photo - $15    bomobob
Red Adult Eco House Shoes - $89    leninka
Black & White Bird Brooch - $20    depeapa

Instant Collection 5 Vintage Boxes - $86    ThePolkadotMagpie
Mod Etched Copper Cuff Bracelet - $55    KarlaWheelerDesign
Wood Tub Caddy - $110    PegandAwl
54"x7' Gold Glitter Vinyl Backdrop - $83   SilverLiningBackdrop
Primitive Moon Light Switch Cover - $17   TMBakerDesigns

And for my salutation I really only stick with the English:
 Have a Great Day!
Which always used to garner a 'don't tell me what kinda day to have' from my more confrontational friends.
 But hey, without a little confrontation we wouldn't know which road we were walking.
So get out there and Have a Great One!
And remember to mix it up a little.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

'Mid Week' Meander

and I use the term 'mid' loosely.

it's just the day after, afterall.
it could be mid week.


and I said that I would do two meanders this week.

I figure that before it's tomorrow, and
too late,
I'll post one


Looks like I'm in a grey, homey mood this morning.

Well, I love all these finds anyways.
I hope that you do, too.

He knew they would agree - $18    theatercloud
Stone Earrings - $20    jibbyandjuna
EL CORAZON - $64    scoutandcatalogue
Small Lion OOAK - $206    bubyNoa

Hide-and-Seek Tree I - $55   fricdementol
Olive Green Handbag - $135    artoncrafts
Pillow Case Yellow - $24.99    EnginsShop
Vintage Hall Red Poppy Mixing Bowls (3) - $68    OhDearWatson

Mirror Mug - $40    clamlab
Modern Baby Playmat - $48    PeppermintPinwheels
Triple Lemon Soap - $5.50    sweetpinesoaps
Natural Bench Tree - $50   CarlaValverde

Have a Great Day!