I have a BA in English and Fine Art. I am always surprised by the way I think - it makes me curious how others think.

I live in Moses Lake, WA, and I've lived in a whole lot of great places that I didn't really appreciate when I lived there and one or two places that I really appreciated when I was there. (And that statement right there, tells you a WHOLE bunch about me.) I'm originally from Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada and I think that there are few places in the world better than it! I dream of returning. That doesn't mean that I don't want to see the world because I do. One of my favorite memories is of a trip I took to Greece for a Liberal Studies course. If you can do a traveling course, I highly, highly recommend it.

But then, of course, I would! You see, I'd love to do that as one of my jobs, really: take people out to paint in all my favorite haunts on Vancouver Island and beyond (this Columbia Basin is, actually, a very inspiring place to paint all sorts of highland vistas, vineyards, cowboy pics and soaring ravens against big blue skies).... I'm still working out the childcare and other logistics on that one ;) If you have any ideas contact me!! I'd love to hear from you.

I love to write because I love to talk. I'd like to have doctorates in Theology, Psychology, and Sociology. Those are a few years away. :) I'd like to learn soldering, and how not to rush through things. Rushing causes me to be very disorganized, and I'm not really sure what I'm rushing for. It seems to be that I'm trying to catch up to the wake of my ideas, and I never do.

I dislike arrogance and people who talk with their eyes closed, if you can't face what you're saying how do you expect me to! I'm working on that one...

That's me in a nutshell. I hope to hear more about you.                                      See. Rushed....


Pille said...

You are truly a rainbow of interesting things :)
I hope every Your Today is worse than Tomorrow and better than Yesterday.
The last corner of Your Washington state appears in my website of borders at the following url
Take care!

carmen said...

I can totally relate to never catching up to the wake of ideas:) It is evident upon entering my home!