Monday, May 18, 2009

wow... flax seed is fab!

So I'm trying to lose some weight, feel better, reverse aging... all that. Really busy, whew. Anyhow, I picked up Gillian McKeith, a-hem, that's Dr. Gillian McKeith's "Living Food for Health".
I tried the flax seed soak (my name for it). Soak 1Tbsp of Flaxseeds overnight in a cup of warm water, drink the liquid. I feel fabulous!! And I only drank half the liquid. The reason for that was I was going to have coffee afterwards (I know 'bad'. It's half-caff, okay; cut me some slack.) I didn't want to get to 'lubed-up'. Gillian, that's right, we're on a first name basis, she doesn't know, but we are, anyways, Gillian is a fan of 2-3 bowel movements a day and I wasn't super eager to experience her definition of 'lubed': to explain she calls flax seed, a lubricating "lube" job. She means that flax acts to lubricate the whole body, but I just couldn't shake my nerves that she could mean bowels too. So in trepidation I tried it, and wow I feel great. I didn't expect so fast a result. It didn't last all day, mind you - I am kinda creaky - but the initial impression was grand! I highly recommend it. I totally recommend the book too. Each section or food has a list of ailments that the superfood can address. I found this particularly engaging.

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Emily said...

2-3 movements a day- wow, I'd be a fan of that too! I think... In any case, we put ground flax seed in almost EVERYthing that we cook and eat. I love the nutty flavor and richness that it adds. It's so good for you. We add it to our sauces, to bread mixes, pancakes, salads, smoothies, sprinkle some in sandwiches, seriously, almost everything. LOVE it. I have never heard of this soak business, I'll have to check it out! -e