Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings

ahhhh summertime....
I hope that you are enjoying your rosy summer where you are.
And if it's winter, that you are enjoying that too!
I've been rejoicing in the more original artists that etsy has to offer lately, so today's findings have a healthy
offering of those wonderful treasures.

the shades of verdigris as you've never seen it before! wow.
lovely. though it goes with out saying, I must say:  I love all of these....
Absolutely fantastic portrait:                                      portrait original - $85    behappynow
Cactus dahlias and ball jars are two of my faves in the whole world:  
                                                                                  Memories of Summer - $22    CaptainCat
 And a Mobile anyone would love:                            Dreamy Rainbow Mobile - $49   babyjives


I love how these items are so modern and at the same time seem to recall an unknown past! stunning ... mysterious...

The first item has Mysterious Elements: just like any good Apothecary (the typos in the etsy title) 
                                                                                       The Itinerant Aphotecary Notebook - $ 11.50   Ciaffi
Then a gorgeous, stunning, fantasy print:                       Bristelcone Pine & Time Lapse Stars Print - $ 16.50   madderrose
A romantic photograph that draws you right in:         Lust for Life - $32.79USD   sparksoffire
And a Dreamy and Theatrical necklace that while sad, seems like it would just make you happy to wear:
                                                                                        Thoughts of Home Pendant - $35    MaidOfClay

 Pink is one of my favorite colors; I love all its tonal changes and I swear that I see some grey in there! I might be the only one! haha :D   ..but I do love them together...
I wouldn't just wear this lovely dress to Prom:                                           1950s Vintage Prom Dress - $248  starletvintage
I love so much that Jennifer Heflebower Cowgill makes, but for now, for today I chose her:
                                                                                         Ivory Tower Necklace Sale 15% Off - $48.45   PoleStar 
Another Fantastic Dahlia photo that I can't get enough of:  Petals Outstretched 5x5 print - $13  mylittlepixels
How charming are the soft sculptures in this shop:  Soft Sculpture of Fish - $81.97   MisterFinch

Even if it is summer where I am, I can't resist golds and blacks and all the tones in between - so GREAT!!
I love the idea of this first selection and they look great! Jeff and Mark are so inventive:  
                                                                                                          Upcycled Vases Hanging Light Fixtures - $48   BootsNGus
wonderful original victorian type blouse - love it!                    Sale Keyhole To My Heart Blouse - $115   alexandragrecco 
Maria in Estonia will custom paint a lovely silk scarf in the motif and colors of your choice - lovely work!!
                                                                                                          Custom Silk Scarf - $88   singingscarves
I don't even know how you would make something like this but I love it! so inventive and beautiful!
                                                                                                          Champagne Charm - $42   cocodelayinc

Last but not least, these three lovely selections:
The wonderful photography of Jessica Torres, she's from Idaho:  Dreamy Beach - $20   jessicatorres

kmaylward has been one of my favorite shops for a long time, I selected earrings from them this morning:  
                                                                                        Sea Tides Earrings - $18   kmaylward
And a lovely winter bird for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, though I don't know if you get Cardinals there. Well, my intention was to include you even though I'm feeling so summery and you are all wintery :D
                                                                                                                      Fast Food Red Bird Cardinal - $5   PamlicoBee

- all so beautiful.
 I hope that you found something wonderful to love!

Have a Great Day!


Finch said...

Thanks so much for adding my fish to your beautiful finds.
Really gorgeous.
Mister Finch

Catherine Noel Payne said...

I'm so honored to have my Bristlecone Pine art here! I love your blog. Beautiful finds here!

PoleStar Jewelry - Handcrafted said...

wow you have some beautiful finds here, thanks!

Coco Delay said...

Many thanks for including my paper necklace with all these other amazing creations!

- Coco Delay

Tracey said...

Wow! Thanks for all the gorgeous support!! I love, love, love all your work! Thanks for checkin out mine :D

a lovely weekend to all!xx

maidofclay said...

I'm always amazed at the unique artists that are to be found on Etsy. My favorite part is discovering them before their sales go through the roof. Thank you for including my pendant in this excellent collection of goodies.

Tracey said...

so true!!

paula said...

We love the meanderings choices you've made and it is a pleasure to be featured with some of our favorites Etsy stores. Thank you very much dear Tracey! xoxo

Mariana and Paula
<a href="><b>ciaffi</b></a>

Jessica said...

Some gorgeous Etsy finds here, so flattered to be included! Thanks!