Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day - Bonne Fete Canada!


In honor of my homeland, I have gathered together a few of my favorite countryartisans,

put on some feist, bnl & great big sea

and sit back and enjoy

Ronette Bustier - $118     device
Under the Apple Tree - $30     irenesuchocki
Maple Leaf Lace Beanie (custom) - $31.42USD    IraRott 
Red Flyer Bike Photo - $20.10USD   Raceytay   
Cranberry Walnut Jam - $7.50   bovinebubbles

Lake Erie 6 - $75   jennifersquires
Passing Storm Abstract Print - $35   budanART
Cash Register Cuff Links Whiskey -$32   GwenDelicious
White Ruffle Pearl Earrings - $28   Splurge
Morning Garden Ceramic Wall Clock - $32   lurearts

Cheery Bright Red Pillow Cover - $29   PillowThrowDecor
Vintage Glass Tiny Red Stud Earrings - $12   WildWomanJewelry
Boho Embroidered Halter Top - $55   BreatheCouture

Bright Red Modern Owl Pillow Cover - $28    ClassicByNature
Big Clay Buttons - $7   Knme 
And because it is kind of what 'Dominion Day' means: Always wear your invisible crown - $25   joojoo

So much great work, so many beautiful shops!

Have a wonderful Holiday!


splurge said...

What a gorgeous collection! You have represented Canadian artists here beautifully and I'm thrilled to be included.

pillowthrowdecor said...

Very pretty collection and some really interesting items too! Thank you ever so much for including my throw pillow and and placing me amongst such amazing Canadian talent!!! Cheers Christine

Wild Woman Jewelry said...

a beautifully Canadian collection! thank you and happy Canada Day!

Tracey said...

Wow! Thanks for the great, sweet compliments for me and for these fantastic artists featured here!

Many hugs to you, my friends! :D

Jennifer Squires Ross said...

Gorgeous collection! Thank you so much for including my photograph. And a Happy Canada Day to you!