Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings

Good Morning.

Today is Remembrance Day, Veterans Day
a day
to Remember all that has been given and to take a moment to pray for peace.

It is
the Z-man's THIRD birthday.

Peppermint Trees (5) - $15    QuietudeQuilts
Vintage French Enamel ware - $125   AtticAntics
White Christmas Candle - $13.95   GreenLeafCandles
Foley Food Mill - $25.99   LaurasLastDitch
Red & White Bracelet - $95   MilenasBoutique

Handmade Vintage Sergent iSockit MacBook Case - $135   blytheking
Birds in Flight Necklace - $35   SurLhistoire
Alphabet & Numbers Linen Pillow - $30   looploft
Distressed Metal Flower - $14   merritthyde

When I started this post,
(this morning
I was going to say,
"It's Zeke's birthday so it's a short list."
He's sick. Party's cancelled.
And it's a short list cause I'm taking care of baby.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Alex said...

Love these finds! And thanks for including my enamelware set :)

Sad to hear your little one is sick – hope he feels better soon so he can have a do-over on his party!

Laura's Last Ditch--Vintage Kitchenwares said...

Hey, thanks for including my Foley food mill! Some day my son will have memories of using this same food mill. Here's a video of the food mill in action:

Tracey said...

@ Alex: thanks for the well wishes! we've already working on scheduling the do-over :D

@ Laura: thanks for the link! I'm sure your son will treasure his memories of using it as I do! :D It's so calming making food with that hand crank.

lisa siebert said...

thank you for including my pillow :)
hope your wee one is felling better :(

Merritt Hyde said...

Wonderful finds - Thanks so much for including my flower! Hope the little one gets to feeling better soon and you are having a wonderful weekend!

Lisa said...

awe... poor lil' Zeke .. sick is no fun! get well quick!

Tracey said...

Thanks Lisa! <3

Thanks everyone for the well wishes for Zeke - he's recovered from his first flu very well and playing with all the balloons he had me blow up to 'make a party' in lieu of his 'painting party' that got moved to tomorrow. :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog. Love the mac book cover! Etsy always has such great stuff. Love from Brooklyn ~jen