Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thinking about...

I've got things on my mind.

when don't I really.

In trying to get any increase my sales, I've been looking at, trying to scope out, what makes a sale.
And while people say that there is a formula, it seems elusive at best.
it's only me!
I find this photo really perfect.
It makes me want to have them.

Because I can't see the whole of the earring, I am intrigued!
I almost bought them immediately...
I had to touch them.

They are romantic, layered, my favorite (one of my favorite) color and I want to touch them.
I only lack the funds.
Difficult task to make your item touchable, to make the viewer yearn to touch it. This is the quandary of all online and catalog merchandising. How to create this feeling in an image.

But then all marketing seems to be a gamble of some sort.

What marketing techniques have you noticed make you want to buy?

Have a great day!

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