Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Etsy Meanderings

Oh, it is soooo sunny and lovely here.

I'm like a cat stretching in the sun... it's glorious.

So it's really odd, ODD, that my first pick today is Corid's lovely, sad print

I love how the words she's chosen can be read in very different ways: 'bewilder' can describe the state she's in because of her difficulties or what she needs to do to get out of them! So many layers; all in Corid's delicate, graphic style. Scrumptious, even if it is a little dreary.
And it's always somehow adorable. Some of you might recognize her art style from
Kleenex boxes - her wonderful, whimsical owls graced their sides this last fall
Pullman girl makes good! fantastic and inspiring...

This fantastic sunflower hoodie caught my eye right away. It plucked at my heartstrings and demanded to be
Since reading those northface quotes on Pinterest and learning that I needed a new 'something to make
me seem adventurous and alluring while standing in line for coffee', 
(I have yet to EVEN own a northface jacket, but I DID always believe the people who wore them were more
adventurous than me - for those of you who have NO IDEA what I'm talking about, please see here because I love Northface jackets and will probably still save up my ducats to buy one! After I get this hoodie.)     
I've been searching for just the 
But I can see that I need search no more.
This fantastic hoodie by naturwrk at once draws the viewer in and says that I'm romantic
maybe a little wild...

Exactly the image I'm trying to project.
Branding complete ;)
And though it may sound a little like I'm being glib here, because I'm using my glib tone,
please KNOW that I am not! Sometimes when I love something,
I get a little, little bit dramatic and it comes across as glib and facetious, but it's just that I'M SOOOO EXCITED it comes across that way: it is no reflection on how fantastic I believe this item to be.
Because I do believe it is

only two meanders today.
More of small stroll, to stretch our legs really.
But please remember to peruse all the great etsy shops at your leisure!
Happy Weekend!

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