Thursday, June 4, 2009

Things get sooo overwhelming...
I barely had myself organized (I didn't really, at all) and I went and had a baby. Now everyday is a whirling dirvish that I can't get a handle on and then it's 7pm and BATHTIME.
how did that happen???

Now he sleeps
I am on the computer, trying to catch up with
ethereal people
I know that you're real, you're just not really in my life
and not doing the work that I want done when I'm pacing the floor with him on my shoulder cause we're both convinced it's the only way he can fall asleep....

Where, oh, where did this conviction come from?

And won't it go back... visit's over!


Emily said...

I can imagine how easy it would be to let a whole day slip away from you when you have a little one. I mean, honestly, on days when I don't work and my husband does, I look up and it's 3:00 and I'm still in my pajamas sometimes. Don't beat yourself up! Enjoy the bliss of your beautiful baby! -e

Summer said...

Thanks so much!

You're so sweet. Encouragement is ALWAYS appreciated!