Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Good Morning!!

Well, it's cold again this morning
and for some silly, silly reason
I am awake...

So while I enjoy my lovely porridge,

I thought I'd write to you, dear Reader.

It seems that this morn I have cooking on the brain: Porridge (Oatmeal, to some of you folks), Low-Fat Pumpkin Date Loaf (Fantastic of Fantastical proportions) and for those of you with kids, Strongman Porridge - A la "Real Food for healthy kids"

consists of adding an egg that has sat with it's shell on in hot tap water and 1 1/2TBSP of butter, stir together quickly,
so that you have more than scrambled eggs in oatmeal
(the warming of the egg helps with this)
and cover with tin foil
and is why after I dish out my early morn sustenance, the porridge pot looks like this

...don't quote me on that.

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