Thursday, November 18, 2010

November 18th

Sunny, sunny, sunny... ahhhh

Just when I thought that winter had come and that I was a very negligent HOMEOWNER!! Then...

the sun came out and I was saved... ahhh. (being saved feels good, I see why so many do it!)

I still have time to put tar on all the little nailheads poking their way through my roof tiles.

A couple pertinent things about me: I'm afraid of heights, I got my entire family into rock climbing over ten years ago and have barely been back to the sport! And I've always wanted to return to Joshua Tree Monument.

So this very sunny day on which the winter gods have seen fit to give me a reprieve I am going to get over my fear of transferring from a ladder to the roof. You see, I like being on the roof; I like being on a ladder (sometimes get scared) but the act of swinging my leg out into the chasm of space that seperates my place on the ladder from my place on the roof, terrifies me! No don't get me wrong, I have the ladder securely positioned against the roof - there is no actual chasm. It exists in my imagination and in the wild beating of my heart!

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