Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings

Well, there haven't been too many posts this week:
We've had family staying with us - it's been so wonderful!!
but Now they have jetted off on another adventure just in time for me to post a few lovelies, before the Thanksgiving Holiday.
I might be in America, but I love the notion of giving thanks for the garden's bounty in
October when the bounty's really coming in!

So a Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

Here's to the Bounty in your Life.


Black Walnut Tea Tray Cutting  Board - $88   grayworksdesign
Robin Egg Blue Circle Pillow Covers - $44   texturasurbanas
Margaret Todd 8x10 Photo - $25   alibubba
Appliqued Tea Towel - $15   Britgaldesigns

Long Rustic Moonstone Earrings - $30   wulfgirl
Autumn Riders 16x20 Poster Print - $65   EmilyBalivet
Star Accent Throw Pillow - $24   gazaboo
Butter Yellow & Brown Quartz Earrings - $34   wulfgirl

Monster Tshirt any size custom - $25.50   TNTees
Cedar Bamboo Bison Bootties (6-12mos) - $30    bisongirl
Kids Cup Cozy with custom Initial - $18.50    Nawanowe

1945 Vintage Wuthering Heights - $48   calloohcallay
Folded Top Black Cotton Jersey - $78    outofline
Ceramic Star Ornaments (3) - $12   Misspottery
Multi Color Spiderweb Jasper Pendant Bead - $15   BigFootDesigns
Long Darjeeling Dress - $150   gaiaconceptions

Happy Thanksgiving!
Have a wonderful day!


Jenelle said...

Thank you very much for sharing TrashN2Tees among these fabulous finds- I have found some new favorites myself. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Callooh Callay said...

So many fabulous items--sounds like you had a fun holiday browsing around! Thanks for including my book.


Tracey said...

You're so welcome, Janelle and Susan! <3

gazaboo said...

What a fabulous blog you have.
Lovely to have our velvet star pillow included with these great etsy finds. Thank you.

Tracey said...

thank you!