Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings

Good Morning, good morning!

I've been busy lately, wrapping up the summer.
 Making Chocolate chip cookies, putting tomato sauce on to boil up all the summer's goodness for winter dishes
(we got a freezer - yayyyy)
and gathering up a 
cozy collection for you all.

... now that I'm in the US I guess I can use y'all...
cheeky, I know, sorry, I couldn't resist!


Buildings Near The Sea 8.5x11 print - $20     siiso
Decomposing Bunny - $270     potsdamelf
Handmade Organic Ballet Flats - $56      HydraHeart
Handknitted Cabled A Line Coat - $290      Pilland

Bluebird of Happiness Belt Buckle Handtooled - $79    sunnyrising
Dotties Twins Mugs (2) Made to Order - $24    symmetricalpottery
Ponte Vecchio Appartamento Greeting Cards - $25     LynnHoseGood
Teeth in Gray Linen Cocktail Napkins - $30    willowship
Vintage Yellow Cotton Blend Fabric - $13   thehouseofoliver

SLUGS Fleece Rain Boot Liners - $22     WithTheRain
Green Hoop Earrings - $44    Aula46
Aztec Inspired Tapestry Wall Hanging with Spotted Feather - $78    MandyBesek
Antique French Lace Glass Pendant - $65    RenataandJonathan
White Linen Shirt Custom Made Wms - $162   BrandyBuckClothiers 

Have a Great Day!!


createniks said...

Thanks for including our dottie mugs!

Tracey said...

well they are fantastic little mugs! :D

With The Rain said...

Thank you for including my SLUGS fleece boot liners!!

Tracey said...

you're welcome Rayana! :D

Pille said...

I feel very honoured and touched to appear in Your website.
Thank You very mich indeed!
All good wishes!

Andy Mathis said...

I am actually, right now, making some of those candleholders for a show tomorrow, lol.

Thanks for featuring them.

Pamela Petry said...

Beautiful collection Tracey!

Renata and Jonathan said...

Thank you for including our necklace :))

Tracey said...

Pille, you're so welcome!! thanks so much for your wonderful comment - you're sweet :D

@ Andy: lol that's awesome!

@ Pamela: thanks sweetie! <3

@ R&J: you guys are welcome :D


SoulsFireDesigns said...

Fantastic selection as always, Tracey! I always look forward to seeing what fabulous things you've picked out :) Have a lovely weekend!

Tracey said...

Thanks Jennifer - it's sooo great to hear that people look forward to what I do!! Cheers. You made my evening! <3

StudioCherie said...

Tracey, I love all of your picks. The way you put them together is really lovely too. Thank you!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Thank you so much for showing my buckle amidst all of these treasures!! How amazing :)

Allison, aka Sunny