Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings

Good to see you again! We're having a very grey day here today.

It's odd how fine I felt when it was windy, chilly and sunny, but how when the sun goes away...
I feel...

Less than happy... and a bit grey myself.
As you'll see by my choices.

Floor Cushion silver gray - $67.90USD    lacasadecoto
Starry Night Bangle - $95    laynedesigns
My Garden, Dress or Tunic pwdr pink - $135   isabelamyo
Brooklyn Ginko Earrings - $24   OneWorldTwoHands


Pressed Barberry Wildflower Necklace - $27   kateemarie
Wrap Top Snuggleup Shirt custom - $85   SHIHAR
Olive Green Vintage 1950's bag - $44   Thrush

Lady with Flower Geisha Cutout Portrait - $99    moligami
Secret Garden Earrings - $35    blockpartypress
Forest Spirit Art Doll - $360    cristinastreasures
Hope Necklace - $24    karalmava

Islands Original Art - $750    HargreavesArt
Organic 'Starry Starry Night' Kids Vest - $22.82USD    ChloeAndIvy
Mirna Lavender Sachet - $10    ZiBagz

Grey Denim Fanny Pack - $42.42USD    2Dsastresbcn
Metallic Drops Pillow Cover - $50     SeptemberHOME
The Concrete Jungle Pendant - $22     MySelvegedLife
Long Tie Belt Cardigan - $155    gaiaconceptions

Here's hoping that the sun is sunny
w h e r e v e r

Have a great day!!


Shihar studio said...

Thank you so much

septemberhome said...

Thank you so much for including my pillow cover with your beautiful images!

Tracey said...

You're both VERY welcome!! :D

Lisa said...

Absolutely Fabulous ♦♦ Mirna just loves all this wonderful company!

thanks bunches

Katie said...

love the groupings. thank you! ♥

Tracey said...

Haha Lisa, you make my heart smile!! You're so joyous!xx

Katie, I'm happy to meet you and thanks for the great compliment - you're very welcome! :D

isabelamyo said...

Merci! Merci ! Perfect choice... You are my sun for this day :)

Tracey said...

thank you for the sun you put in MY life today - many days after - I Love it!!
cheers, t

Block Party Press said...

Gorgeous collection! Thank so much for including my earrings!