Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings

I've been sick and trying to look for work.
You know. 
REAL work.

Not that unending mommy work that doesn't pay so well.
so I've been neglecting you all.

Thank goodness I posted those two meanderings last week.
Hopefully, those could tie you over.
Maybe next week, I'll do better ;) no promises though.

You know me, I'm a cheeky baby.

Flour Sack Towel with Christmas Trees - $12.50    besty
Silver Grey Tunic - $123.29USD   Malam
Ceramic Travel Mug - $30    sewZinski
Winter Berries 8x10 photo - $15    funflash
Waiting for You Necklace - $24    GardenOfSypria

Garden Rose and Orange Blossom Soap - $5   sweetpetula
Fiddlehead Fern Pendant - $35    stoastn
Red Wine Flower Felted Brooch - $23    JaneBoFelt
Brown Oversized Off Shoulder Wool Jersey Top - $38.96   EcoFriendlyForU
Hope Has Wings Bracelet - $50    SoulsFireDesigns

Silk Tree Ornaments - $18    SewnNatural
Deep Red Christmas Necklace - $70   okapiknits
Santa Cup & Plate Set - $42   claylicious
Vintage Brooch - $43   AndreaBacmanJewelry
Red/Orange Hebridean Hat - $65   13threads

Sun Drops Original Painting - $210   carmenmelton
Tangerine Dahlia Tea Towel - $26   ElkhornDesign
Carnelian & Tigerseye Pendant - $75   wildrootsdesigns
She Comes In Colours 8x10 - $41.45   belafontesbunsa
Cotton Cloth Tea Towel - $17    indobay

I just noticed that those collections are different sizes!
Operator error.

I'll do better next time.
Have a Great Weekend!


My Life Under the Bus said...

So many goodies so little time!

SoulsFireDesigns said...

Yaaaaaaay! I'm so excited! Thank you so much, Tracey for featuring my "Hope Has Wings" bracelet! Such an honor to be part of your meanderings :) <3

Tracey said...

Haha - I'm so glad that you enjoy my work sweeties!

Tania | indobay said...

Thank you so much for including my Tea Towel today! Hope you are feeling better. :)


13threads said...

Lovely collections. Thank you so much for including my hat.

EcoFriendlyForU said...

Wonderful collection,Tracey! Thank you for including my top!

Jane_Bo said...

Thank you very much for featuring my flower brooch! Many interesting finds here!

Tracey said...

Thanks for the good wishes Tania! I hope soon. And I'm so happy to include ALL of you lovely ladies work here. Thanks for reading :D

AliciaArtShop said...

Hi Tracey, Thank you for visiting my blog :) Good luck with your "paying job" search. I hope you are feeling better! ~Alicia

Tracey said...

Thanks Alicia! You have a great blog!