Thursday, December 1, 2011

'Mid Week' Meander

and I use the term 'mid' loosely.

it's just the day after, afterall.
it could be mid week.


and I said that I would do two meanders this week.

I figure that before it's tomorrow, and
too late,
I'll post one


Looks like I'm in a grey, homey mood this morning.

Well, I love all these finds anyways.
I hope that you do, too.

He knew they would agree - $18    theatercloud
Stone Earrings - $20    jibbyandjuna
EL CORAZON - $64    scoutandcatalogue
Small Lion OOAK - $206    bubyNoa

Hide-and-Seek Tree I - $55   fricdementol
Olive Green Handbag - $135    artoncrafts
Pillow Case Yellow - $24.99    EnginsShop
Vintage Hall Red Poppy Mixing Bowls (3) - $68    OhDearWatson

Mirror Mug - $40    clamlab
Modern Baby Playmat - $48    PeppermintPinwheels
Triple Lemon Soap - $5.50    sweetpinesoaps
Natural Bench Tree - $50   CarlaValverde

Have a Great Day!


SoulsFireDesigns said...

Love them all as always :) I can't decide my favorite... that hide and seek tree is pretty amazing... but the poppy mixing bowls... and then the grey mug... or maybe the tree stool? :D

Peppermint Pinwheels said...

Gorgeous finds! Those mixing bowls are so great and I've been working towards getting that green leather bag for months now!

Tracey said...

Thanks for the great comments guys - I've been sick and bleary eyed and somehow missed not commenting back! :( Forgiven, I hope.

Tracey said...
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