Monday, December 12, 2011

A few new listings in the shop

I'm back from the Holiday Line at the local post office. 
I've sent your orders packing on their way to your homes.

And I have to say they were HAPPY to go! 
 Then I started working on my listings.
And I thought I'd come over and share them with you.

So here's the latest.

I love them.

Here's hoping that your holiday preparations are going well.

Well, they are VERY behind,
they ARE Happening!
And I just keep telling myself that's the most important thing!

Have a great day!


SoulsFireDesigns said...

Ooh, love those! Especially that first pair! Gorgeous :)

Tracey said...

Thanks Jennifer!

Lisa said...

gorgeous .. love the blue with the copper!!!

peace to you and your family ♦