Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Etsy Meanderings

 Good Morning.

It's the second morning in a row that it has rained here in the desert.
Which, of course, I find dreamy and romantic.
 And that's kind of the perfect mood
to be in for a valentine's party
- even if it's a preschool party!

Funky Soft Mini Tank/Dress - $29    GossipGirls
Doily Ring Bearer Pillow - $50    DuryeaPlaceDesigns
Tipi All-Weather Cotton Canvas - $399    willemcotton
Peony Heart Photo - $26    GoldenSection
Botanical Sachets (3) - $20   gardenmis

His and Hers Pill Box - $4.50     Mmim
Metallic Gold Pod Necklace - $40   blockpartypress
Lace Angels Collage Wall Hanger - $16   VecchioAmore
Skeleton with Heart Mug - $18   SecondChanceCeramics
Cropped Hand Knitted Sweater - $126    Silvia66

Gossamer Dreams Watercolor Print - $16   eastwitching
Seahorse Roboticus Scoop Neck Tshirt - $24   binarywinter
You Are Beautiful 8x10 Print - $18   theloveshop
Inspirational Collage - $32   JillsJoy
Large Print Lillies of the Valley 30x30 - $145   dsbrennan

Oversize 'Wings' Top Dark Blue - $55   onor
Vintage French Porcelain Pitcher - $98   lapomme
Red Owl - $95   natalyasots
LOVE Shimmy Tshirt Dress - $24    ShopRIC
Ceramic Bowls in Blue Topaz - $32   claylicious

Moonlight Tree Linocut Print - $20   starkeyart
Cheeky Bastard Mug - $25   PoFu
Hand Knitted Wool Socks - $38   SockClub
Red and White Graphic Pattern Notebook - $20.48USD   nauli
Oversize Wingback Chair - $925   trinaroseboutique

I love it when Valentine's Day is on a Monday or Tuesday, 
because that means
you have lots of chances at 
L O V E.
(In all its forms.)

Happy Weekend!!


Jennie - Duryea Place Designs said...

Thanks for including me among such great picks! :) I definitely found some new favorites.

Nauli said...

How lovely! Thank you so much for featuring our notebook!
Have a nice weekend!

onor said...

Thank you so much for featuring my top in your lovely blog(:

Priscilla said...

Beautiful collections! I'm honored to have my Love Sachets included ~ thank you. :)

Tracey said...

You're all very welcome - I hope you have lovely weekends!

Ольга said...

Oh, and a great selection of cool stuff!
Thank you for your interest in my work!
With Valentine's Day!

Danangib said...

Awww, that's lovely, thank you very much Tracey xxxx
Your post is great, you have a gorgeous collection there, lots of beautiful finds !

Silvia66 said...

Beautiful collection! Thank you very much fon including me too!
Great blog!

eastwitching said...

Thanks Tracey - I would love to have a little Tipi and sit in it!

Yuliya Art said...

Beautiful collections!
Thank you very much Tracey :)

Tracey said...


binarywinter said...

Such lovely and dreamy picks! Thanks so much for featuring our tee!

Block Party Press said...

Fantastic collections! Thanks so much for including my necklace!

Pamela Petry said...

You Rock! These little treasuries are so adorable!

Lisa said...

I am in love with the TeePee!!! Hope you are starting to see a wee bit of spring .. ♦ more daylight anyway is wonderful!!