Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Etsy Meanderings

There are so many lovely finds today.
I seem to really be focused on love and hearts still.
Valentine's day is one of my favorite holidays: maybe I spent
too many years in retail, but I love wishing people
"HAPPY [anything]", really.
 And what can be better than a day for wishing LOVE on everyone you meet!
Some people say, 'it's a holiday invented by greeting card companies that makes the
lonely people lonelier.' 
I couldn't disagree more.
I say if you feel that way then you HAVE been manipulated by the greeting card companies.
Because it is a day for LOVE.
That is all.
I love that it's a day that everyone can share love
 without looking like a weirdo.
It's the most peaceful feeling.
And you can always make your own cards ;)

Red Freshwater Pearl Silver Ring - $18    SpiralsandSpice
Hearts A Flutter Linen Box - $29.98    hoganfe
Riveted Silver Flower with Red Garnet - $160    SilverMoth
Silver Firefly Loose Weave Shrug - $70    ileaiye
Laughing Buddha Wood Burned Bracelet - $45    SedonaArts

Felted Wool and Silk Scarf - $125    avivashwartz
Celtic Green Leather Journal - $45    DragonAlleyJournals
Red Honey Vase - $54    darshanpottery
Antique Victorian Silverplate Toothpick Holder - $68    curateandlove
Dark Grey Mini Hobo Bag - $39    tippithai

Made to Order Felted Scarf - $200    nafanyafelt
Pattern PDF Crocheted and Felted Polar Bear - $4    thebirdsandbees
Matisse Daydream Onesie - $18   lmkremer
Hammered Medium Hoop Earrings - $27    lavalleygirly
"Trust" Original Watercolor - $38   ChristinaRomeo


So I say there's still time to spread the love!
Write an email to someone who inspires you, or maybe just invite them to lunch.
Call someone you've been thinking about, an old friend or your sweetie. And don't worry
about what kind of love you have in your life,
There's lots of ways to spread the love, inspiration, general good vibes
now's the time you won't look like a big dweeb!
So make someone's day.

Have a great weekend!!

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