Saturday, March 3, 2012

Friday Etsy Meanderings - Take II

I have to say
when I posted my 'note' to say that I'd be posting today,
I was sure that I was just satisfying some silly notion 
pushed forward by my delusional ego.
Just now,
I signed in and saw that someone had clicked 'cool' on my notice,
actually giggled.

That is a medical possibility.
I'm not a doctor...
but I do assure you that it is! ;D
but seriously
Thanks for the love - whoever you are.... I'm still smiling.

Pearls for Susie Earrings - $10      lunalove
'The Owl' Necklace - $29.97USD     majalin
Pomegranate White Tea Cookies 1 Dozen - $11.50     ButterBlossoms
Hand Knitted Chunky Cable Scarf - $285    duende74
'LOVE' Heart Shaped Rattle with Dragonfly - $38     SeeingIsBelieving


So with the cockles of my heart warm and fuzzy,
and your path pointed firmly in the direction of meander,
I bid you a fond farewell.

Have a Great, Great Weekend!!

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