Saturday, March 10, 2012

Friday Etsy Meanderings - One Day Late

Today was so sunny and lovely, we
went to the park for most of it,
now we're both slumped over our chairs
like 'boneless chickens at the boneless chicken ranch'.
(And THAT was YESTERDAY! I'm sorry to say that being late is getting to be the theme around here.)
 I didn't post THIS until Saturday!
That is boneless ;)

Long Dangle Pearl Earrings - $42    fussjewelry
Vintage Harmony Cup and Saucer - $10    modernspecific
Butterflies Flutter-bys Wall Decal - $17    Elephannie
Flower Field Necklace - $38    NestPrettyThingsShop 
Vintage Cerulean Blue Velvet Turban - $44    SkinnyandBernie


Goddess Tile Series - $38    blueroompottery
3 Reclaimed Oak Nesting Garden Boxes - $120   PegandAwl
Hand Stitched Personalized Coin Purse - $25    TooCuteCats
Navy Twill Swing Coat - $139.99   RiordanRoache
Little Star Earrings - $56.33USD   lazygiraffe

Fancy Yellow and Green Birdhouse with Reclaimed Iron - $200    AnyOldIron
Flying to My Garden Necklace - $34    rafya
Mediterranean Ceramic Hand Thrown Mug (4) - $80   BackBayPottery
Raccoon Pocket Totem Figurine - $42   HandyMaiden
Handmade Gardener's Diary - $19   dgwa

Gray Open Back Top - $105   naftul
The Different Rose Handmade Leather Flats - $85   TheDrifterLeather
Cranberry Scented Shea and Cocoa Butter Soap - $2.69USD   KiwiSoaps
Bast Egyptian Cat Goddess 8x10 Print - $15   EmilyBalivet
Natural Waxed Leather Kindle FIRE Case - $39   SleeWay

Topo Necklace - $32    neawear

Do you remember that Gary Larson cartoon I'm talking about?
'The Boneless Chicken Ranch'
Too Funny!

Have a great weekend!


Lisa said...

see you have a goddess theme going on here.... ~:o) wonderfully found might I say.... love the velvet hat!

hope you are having a most excellent weekend .. rest well... we loose an hour tomorrow!

Tracey said...

thanks for reminding me about the time change, Lisa! Yikes... :)

Hope that you're getting your rest today too.

Isn't that hat fantastic - bet it would look lovely on you.

wendy said...

fantastic meanderings... we've had some great weather here too!

Tracey said...

Wow Wendy - that means sunshine right across the 'board-er' :D couldn't resist... I know. I'm cheesy.

Drifter's Leather said...

Lovely post and blog!
Thank you very much for the feature!

Leah said...

I can't wait for Summer - Beautiful post... Thank you so much for including my tea set. I too am really drawn to that velvet hat -that whole top row is my favorite.

Tracey said...

You're both very welcome. Thank you for the comments - I love them :D

galeria V arte said...

Thanks for featuring the yellow cage photo from my shop.