Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The muse is erupting... if they do that??

So I always say that I make jewelry because I have a toddler and making jewelry is quick and easy - and painting is, well, ... messy.

But these days I see faces and art everywhere... in the way snow falls,
the sunset on a cold day, the loneliness of a snow-covered lawn chair ...

the light hitting the plaster on the ceiling above my bed.. it's getting really hard to refuse
this muse...

what if we could combine elements of all these photos? I ask myself...

and then carry on my way.

(ahem, can you say that? refuse the muse...)
I have reams of landscape photos, reams and reams of them, that I could/should be using for painting inspiration, but alas... this is as far as I've gotten.


I even have an artsy friend who calls and emails me to see when I want to get together to draw,
or paint.


Could it BE any easier?

But do I do anything? I say in a very little voice.

One of these days, when the fence is finished (it blew down last week) and my toddler's been quelled, by toys and cookies, then maybe,
just maybe...
I'll pick up my sketchbook & one of those pencils I have stashed everywhere around the house

(seriously, I have them in a tin on the shelf above the toilet! I mean everywhere)

and answer this muse's call...

..before she's forced to hit me with a shovel or something!


shari said...

I'm working on a mosaic, too! I love yours... very artsy! I'm glad you stopped by my blog. I'm really enjoying what you're putting out into the blogosphere!


Tracey said...

I enjoy what you're puttin out there, too :D
Happy Weekend!