Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Today I have PURPLE on the brain!

The Campanula Get Mee plant in my window sill, calling out it's glory!

It's not wholly purple, but it has purple tones and it definitely made it's way to my neck this morning.

I have always enjoyed the Llewellyn Witch Calendars for many reasons, but chief among them is that everyday was assigned a color. So for the indecisive, like me, I could check on the calendar to see if the color was what I wanted to wear.

It was a place to start!

So this year, no Witch Calender. 
I've been left on my own. sniff sniff ...

But this morning purple is really catching my eye.
The March picture on my Shakti Gawain Calendar (very beautiful art)

This Mary Gilliatt book that I'm currently loving!


Some superstitious mumbo jumbo about Purple:

It signifies: Power, sentimentality, tension, wisdom, spiritual protection, psychic ability. The astrological sign most closely associated with it, is Sagittarius.

I always go to superstitious mumbo jumbo for inspiration; there's lots there! Anything that gets stuck in my brain and I can't walk away from, I google the 'meaning' of! The words or images that resonate the most with me, I follow. I can usually find several different directions to go in. I think about them while I rummage through my bead stash and see what comes.

My new beads and a collection of earrings that I made over the last year.

A great way to over come a little creative block!

Where do you find your inspiration?


shari said...

Purple is also a color of healing!

Lately, inspiration is being found from deep inside myself.... it's been so cold out that I haven't gone for walks (my usual source of inspiration) and am inside a lot. But I also find inspiration on blogs!

Great post!... I love seeing all the purple you have around! You'd like my studio curtains... they're a lovely translucent lilac... kind of a nice filter for the light!

Tracey said...

Oh, fantastic! I would love those curtains!

Winter is the time we get to look inside ourselves - sort out things, let go, prepare for the new season of growth. Healing. :D

But it is a drag that it can keep us from walking which is one of my favorite forms of inspiration too.

Melissa said...

Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog and the purple inspiration! I really want to read that book now. And grow some lavender!! I will be looking for purple in unexpected places all day tomorrow...