Thursday, March 31, 2011

fun stuff for kids!

Lots of people are making really wonderful things for kids that don't involve recall lists, and fear of lead paint or weird feeling plastics!

These lovely little tops are fun, made of wood and very inexpensive!

 European Spinning Top - $16

 Quartersawn Lacewood Spinning Top - $16
By GarageWoodShop in Renton, WA

BlueBassinet in Richland, WA makes these fantastic tutus! These are so fun they make everyone happy!

And so many THINGS in herflyinghorses is very, very inexpensive and super fun!!

And this wonderful artist is in Holland, which may be expensive shipping to where you live and it isn't cheap itself, but I couldn't resist! This mobile is SOOOO fantastic!!

Hope your castles are as lofty today!
cheers, t

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