Saturday, March 5, 2011

Superstition... true or false??

Today, it feels TRUE.

The Queen of Wands
This is from the Shadowscapes Tarot. Isn't it lovely?

An intelligent and savvy businesswoman who commands loyalty and intelligence in those around her. A woman who will not be fooled. Female enterprise. Confident and generous woman. Sensual and passionate female energy. Lover of life and those willing to explore it with her. A feminine leader able to lead the masses. A woman able to see big picture and delegate accordingly.

So I got this reading today. I have gotten this card before in my life, of course, but today was the first day that it felt true.

And my eyes glisten with wonder... warmth grows in my breast, I was feeling this way before I got this card and the 'confirmation' if that's what it is makes me if I'm at home in my life.
Is that over-stating it?


But I am just that kind of superstitious woman...

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