Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Esty Meanderings

If only the afternoon heat were not betrayed by the cool of morning...
I could go on believing in summer.

But as it stands, it is not meant to be.

There is talk of a cold winter on people's lips.
I say.
Let it BE Fall First!!
cozy & romantic

Tiny sakura teardrop earrings - $32    wearthou
White Ivory Hand Knit Dress SALE - $350   Muza
Valley of Love Copper Bracelet - $38   OneHeartJewelry
Estelle Shea Butter Robin Soap - $5   orangethyme

 shorter seaside visits

Illustrator Cuffs - $39  InnerWild
Kai Mana Fine Art Photo - $30   honeytree
Compass Charm - $3.15   pinksupply
c.1912 Erte 'Titantic' teens underbust corset - $425   PeriodCorsets

long walks in the countryside

Barn Owl Photograph - $15   AppaloosaDesigns
Baroque Jacket Brocade Silk mixed - $200USD   AliceCouture
Kaleidoscope Bronze Tone Adjustable Clay Ring - $15   smafactory
Quiet Path Photograph - $12   LaurenBPhotography
Large Teardrop Dangle Earrings Copper - $54   AWEshop  these earrings are being featured in the ArtisanGroup's Emmy Swag Bags

last few days out at the cabin

Glowing Ocean Waters Earrings - $49   Candies64
Set of Carved Porcelain Pendant Lamps - $850   isabelleabramson
Orange Balloon Skirt - $58   Onshore
Thistle 11x11 print - $48   yellena
Mirage Handwoven Beaded Cuff - $42   KuzuAccessories

packing up for the season

World Traveler Duffel Bag - $149   StudioCherie
Fishermans Catch Necklace - $54   kmaylward
Let's Drift Away Driftwood Boat - $83   GiftsandStars 
Goddess Tunic Dress  - $89   duende74

bright remnants of summer

Hope for a New Beginning Digital Collage Print - $20   anotherbrightidea
Milkshake 4 Necklace - $130   3squares
Boxy Creamer & Sugar Set Made to Order - $75   GlazedOver
Finding Nemo Decoupage Bangle - $35   ericosmicgirl

lovely blues and oranges of the changing season

Oh, how the dream of summer stays forever in our hearts...

Have a great weekend!!


AWE Handcrafted Jewelry said...

Wow! I love how you've put this together! --so many things I'd love to have. :) --thanks for including my hammered copper teardrop earrings, I'm honored.

Happy rest of your summer,

one heart said...

Hi Tracey,

Wonderful choices! I'm in such great company. I feel honored to be included in your collection. I like your blog too!


Star of the East said...

Amazing selection of beauties!
Thanks so much for featuring our driftwood boat!

Jean said...

you have a wonderful eye. your collection makes me smile and puts me in the mood to explore the shops of these talented artists. i'm off!

many thanks :)

Lisa said...

I love fall.. I could live in fall all year long. Please let the "cold winter" theory just be a silly rumor!!!

Pamela Petry said...

So so beautiful Tracey! I am speechless on this one.

Tracey said...

LOL - You're All such wonderful dearies - I am laughing with the joy you've given me by loving my work!! What a wonderful treat to come home to after a very LONG weekend away <3
Cheers and xx right back at ya!!