Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings

"Do you remember when we used to sing, "Shalalalalalala la tee da" just like that?"
Van Morrison

Hello, Hello!

It's Friday again! Wow. My week went fast! How 'bout yours?
Once again, I have some creative, wonderful collections to share.

A Little bit Rock n'Roll
1960 Colorful Geometric Print Dress & Jacket - $12     MagpiesShop
Play Me Fine Art Photo Metallic 24x30 - $90    5ft3photography
Vintage 60s Tapestry Go-Go Boots/Handbag - $250    retrothreadz
1948 mid Century Ranch Photo - $22    lucysnowephotography  
Rose Sterling Silver & Carnelian Necklace - $32   lavalleygirly

 For the Kids
I'm Being Raised By Wolves (12-18 mos)  - $18    eggagogo
Nature's Graduation Organic Cotton Blanket - $195   mybluepeacock
The Aesop for Children by MiloWinter - $6   ClosetFull

 Coffee Break
Free Formed Ceramic Earrings Daisy - $27    SeeingIsBelieving
Grounds for Thought Photo - $28    RightOnStrange
Coffee Break Number 1 - $32.29USD    YannPendaries 
Skeleton Mugs (4) - $100   antb

 Earthy & Fun
Diamond, Gold & Silver ID Bracelet - $172    Marajoyce
Full Tattoo printed socks - $45   MajoReyStore
Charcuterie Cutting Board made of Salvaged Black Walnut - $100    grayworksdesign
Cool Dude Reggie Textile Art Pin - $12   ZiBagz

 Fall for Your Lifestyle
Marimekko Picnic Blanket - $195   SewnNatural
Yellow Felted Wool Slippers - $60   Grazim
Coaster Squares - $28    yorktownroad
Petite Edible Sugar Leaves 2 Dozen - $55.20    andiesspecialtysweets
Vintage Potato Chip Tin - $12   Vintageurbancowgirl

 Pretty and Pink... and Purple :D

Big Math Fine Art Print - $30  brandistrickland
Vintage Maxi Dress Mexican Roses - $145   AidoCoronado
Bleached Baby OOAK Alpaca/Silk - $28.62USD    Dyeforwool
Mock Turtleneck Pattern - $7   loriversaci
Purple Acorn Brass Necklace - $28   Candies64 


Silver Watchtower Pendant OOAK - $42   DreamofaDream
I Dreamt of a Foggy Morning Fine Art Photo - $40   joystclaire
Red Creek Jasper & Silver Bracelet - $88   theBeadAerie

Each week I'm astounded by how many really, really fantastic artists are working out there!

So many people being creative and making really wonderful items!
It's like a giant swirling pool that anyone can dive into and come out of feeling refreshed and alive...
at least 
with a big smile on their face.
So inspiring.
I love it!

Have a great weekend! And may your the soundtrack in your heart bounce off the walls of the world!


Retro Threadz Vintage said...

Lovely post! Thanks so much for featuring my shop

Retro Threadz

Tracey said...

You're sooo welcome Mary! Your shop is so fantastic I'm happy to promote it!
Cheers, t

O. Joy said...

I always love finding new blogs & new art! Thaks so much for including my fine art photography here with these other talented artists. xx

Jen from SewnNatural said...

fabulous pieces and colors! thanks so much for including our picnic blanket

photosofetsy said...

You are a busy lady!! Thanks for visiting my shop. Wish I was brave enough to start a blogsite! Good luck in your shop AND with your little one! Been there, done that!

Lisa said...

Too • Very • CooL!!!

I love how you do your pictures.. very smart looking. Wonderful taste you have! Many thanks for including Reggie... he loves being here ♥

DyeForWool said...

Wow, your collections are beautiful! We feel honored to be in one of them! ^^

Pamela Petry said...

Wow, Tracy this post is so beautiful. I know you spend so much time collecting all the wonderful pieces. Your combinations are so stunning together. By the way thanks for including my Daisy Ceramic earrings!

EdenSong Essentials said...


Tracey said...

AWWWwwww!! You ladies are so sweet and such etsy superstars!! Thanks for the love!!

My cup runeth over!!

brandi said...

thank you! love these collections :)

Ant said...

Thank you so much! this is just lovely!

Valerie said...

Great treasuries. I know what you mean about there being so many talented artists out there! I am in awe everytime I look at etsy. Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting. Your son is adorable! I don't know how you have time to do anything besides keep up with him! Mine are teenagers, so I have more time now.

Niftic Vintage said...

Fabulous finds a real pleasure! Thanks for sharing!

Tracey said...

@ Ant & VintageNiftic: you're very welcome! Thanks for having such beautiful photos AND work it makes it very easy to feature you <3

@ Valerie: Thanks for saying that because lately I've been feeling that I'm not getting very much done at all! So nice to hear :D

tenderblue said...

Fantastic finds and wonderful words! Thank you.