Thursday, August 4, 2011

Something you may not know about me
(or maybe you do)
is that I 
fairy tales.
I love romantic comedies, I love to hear how you and your significant other met, and I love to know what your favorite fairy tale is/was.
If I were to get a Doctorate it would be studying the way fairy tales manifest themselves in daily life.

If there is such a thing!
I love them.
I find them intriguing.

So today when Jessi of DreamofaDream featured me in her beautiful fall treasury

I just had to return the favor! And when I started looking around I came across
RenataandJonathan's gorgeous Rose Red Embrace print and I was inspired!!

I have always thought of me and my sister as Rose Red and Snow White, because when we were little I was blonde with ringlets and she had dark hair with creamy white skin. I still dream of a house with one white rose and one red rose growing outside...

So, naturally, I created this...

And I, also, have to just say a big thank you to RGsocks and moocowhandknits for taking such great pictures of their socks and especially to moocowhandknits for having one of the only photos of socks pointing to the right! There's a lot of left facing sock photos out there!! :D

Have a very Romantic Day!


Renata and Jonathan said...

HI Tracey,

Nice treasury, thankyoufor including my Rose Red piece.



Renata and Jonathan said...

As a kid, I always imagined being Jack (of world renowned Beanstalk lore) I got in trouble a lot for climbing trees that were way too tall :)


Tracey said...

That is AWESOME!!
Thanks for sharing :D