Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunset Cherries

We went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday.

I LOVE Farmer's Markets!
My parents helped start the market in Penticton, BC - which was weird that they didn't have one, but they didn't.
so the parents dug in with a group of other like minded individuals and started what is now a bustling mainstay of the Penticton Summer scene.

So I was very happy to see that the Farmer's Market is an anchor here in the farming area of the Columbia Plateau. So fantastic, so supportive to the local economy and just general fun!

We got some organic cherries and peaches from Tonnemakers, and some un-officially organic berries from the Mennonite Ladies that grow organically, because they always have. I love that, almost, more than if they got officially certified. Their insistence that sustainability is honoring where your food comes from year after year.
Something we should all put into practice.

So, as the sun set on yet another summer day...

the Z-man and I sat out on our back patio, enjoying the cooling air and the day's bounty.

 He had to include his foot in this photo. I love it!

 Ooooo he's quick!

I better stop snapping pics - they're going fast!!
Here's to you enjoying your bounty!
Have a great day!


Lutka And Co. said...

I love farmer's market too! My friend and I go on early Saturday morning outings to our local market and then off to our local coffee shop :-)

Tracey said...

Sounds Perfect!! :D

Pamela Petry said...

oh , Tracey how I LOVE the farmers much better than buying from the Bog Stpres! Al least i am feel that I am helping out the locals. Oh and the photo of Zeke eating the berries is just price less.

LOve you 2 !
Pamela and Skylar

Jessi said...

I love what you write about the Mennonite true! I wish we all could live like that (maybe we could...) Cheers! ~Jessi

Tracey said...

maybe we could :D