Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings

Good Morning, Good Morning!!

I'm in a very romantic, dreamy headspace today
~trying to combat the very real, mundane task of fruit canning~

Today's meanderings are very ornate, ...robust even
Perhaps that's the flavor I'm trying to preserve...
Oh yeah.
I just said that!!
I just couldn't choose ONE which of these to share...
aren't they all incredible AND handcrafted!!     come on. amazing...
Elephants Running Free $6
The Leaf Lady in Brown $6
Butterfly Trio $9
Tree of Life $8.5  all from thecharmingfrog

 ...see what I mean about ornate? aren't they fantastic?
I've always loved Arthur Rackham's work and you could say this whole collection is inspired by his work.
Undine by Arthur Rackham on velvet drawstring bag - $22    babastudioPrague
c1920s Art Deco Necklace Blue Glass - $65     jemimajay
Leather and Chainmail Formal Gown - $1,250    Glamarita
Whiskey Coffee Earrings - $33    wulfgirl

A few Wild Things ; D
Tree Stump Night Light Hand Thrown - $56   SuzannesPotteryFarm
1896 Umbels, Original Antique Chromolithograph - $19.95   CabinetOfTreasures
Luxury Max (6mo-2T) Where the Wild Things Are in Sherpa - $150    katesy
All these things are FANTASTIC! but I LOVE that little Max costume! I wonder if she makes Adult sizes!!

 And two last things just for me! but I'll share them with you, too.

Abstract Modern Painting Diptych - $150   LaurenMarems
Long Sleeved Shirt Altered upcycle - $25   soseweco

I hope that you all  have a great weekend!


virginia said...

Thank you so much....honored, lovely blog!

Tracey said...

thanks so much Virginia! :D

babastudioPrague said...

Thanks so much for including our Undine bag.

However, I ought to just say that it isn't a transfer - we don't use transfers because they aren't very durable and don't give a good, permanent result.

We use dye-sublimation (and will soon add reactive dye printing) to print each panel individually. It's totally fade-proof and can be washed or dry cleaned. The prints will actually stay pristine long after the bag, in years to come, is worn. We've had some people who have worn out a bag and then sewn the print into another bag!

Thanks again! Karen

Tracey said...

Oh, I'm sorry about that Karen, thanks so much for explaining!! That sounds great!

Colleen said...

So many beautiful items! I LOVE those butterfly soaps and the leather dress is amazing!