Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Skip Day

So last Monday, I skipped a day.

I don't mean that I had instantaneous amnesia or anything, I just took a day off from my regular routine. My friend Pam and I packed up our two boys and went to Spokane under the guise of 'getting supplies' there.

We spent a little more time in the park
than we did in the bead store, but that is the way it goes when you travel with 2 year olds!

 We saw some sights...
 We walked a beam bridge...


 we saw that BIGGEST WAGON EVER!!!

And of course, Zeke wouldn't look at the camera when he was climbing!
tsk, tsk,
just like a baby. :D

Well, back at it.
I've got parcels to get in the mail, a bead soup contribution to finish and a great guy to hang out with...
plus my mom is coming to visit for the next few days.
Maybe she'll help can a few peaches, 
so that we may have sunshine in the winter!

Have a great day!!


Pamela Petry said...

That was a Great day! You know it's never about us it about the boys we love so much!

Tracey said...

lol - that's the truth!!

Cindy said... happy that you found my blog through the BSBP...and that means a lot considering there are over 300 blogs to visit! :-) I happen to have a 2 year old son too! I loved these pictures - especially the one of the two boys peeking through the bridge.