Tuesday, September 27, 2011

my Thematic Photographic164 entry

I fell down the rabbit hole early THIS morning...
and I discovered a few wonderful blogs.
One in particular by Carmi @ Written Inc.
He's hosting a themed photograph challenge, 'It's all in the Details.'
And I just had to join in!

You know how I love love love SUMMER, (now that it's over) and I love love love sun on the water (well, there's not TOO much of that as this is a grassland plateau/desert)

So my entry is a cropped photo of a sunny day we had here in the desert and the fountain that reflected all the glory!

Little feet enjoying the splash...
I was too busy enjoying the silky, cool feel of the water to take a photo of my feet when they were paddling.

Is there paddling in a public fountain?
Oh, you BET THERE IS!!!
 You can join in too.

Have a great day!!


Limar said...

What a great picture! Love those feet :)

Tracey said...

Thanks Limar! :D

Alexia said...

Great details! The water looks so inviting :)

Max said...

There is not much that is more relaxing that sitting with your feet wading in the water. Great picture.

Karen S. said...

Glad you discovered Carmi's Tp it is by far so much fun! Cool and inviting photo....!

Carmi said...

I'm so glad you fell down the rabbit hole - and that you found TP!

What a delightful shot - and perspective. From where I sit, anything's fair game in a public fountain. Well, MOST anything :)

I can almost feel the coolness of the water. Wish our fountains here were as inviting.