Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings


Good Day to you!
I'm excited about today, this month's new moon has really given me energy. I've been noticing, that I loose more weight, do more work, get up earlier in the weeks after the new moon and have a tendancy to let things fall by the wayside
the rest of the month.
Hopefully, now that I'm aware of my pattern I'll be able to change it!
What do you think?

Hope for me.
Then when I looked at the collages that I had made for this morning I 
a THEME...
I swing between



happily wishing

but I always make sure I've got
 jewelry and art
Rose Gold Bird Necklace - $78   BeHappiness
Beach Pieces 13x19 - $85   leahgiberson
Green & Gold Hydro Quartz Earrings - $40    JRockJewelry


kid stuff

The Balance of my LIFE.
a little tongue and cheek

Have a great Day!
May the New Moon be with you.
I couldn't resist.


Sock Monkey Emporium said...

Thankyou for featuring my Sockosaurus :)!!!

Emily@VitaNostra said...

Fabulous finds! Thank you so much for including my photo among all these lovely items! Happy Friday :)

Tracey said...

Oh, you ladies are lovely :D and you're very welcome!!

DaganiGioielli said...

Lovely finds ! Some amazing items !

Thanks for including me :-)

lovephotos00 said...

thank you dear,
you have great taste:))

Tracey said...

You are both VERY welcome! xx