Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings

wow.. I can't believe that it's Friday again!
Where DOES the week go?


Hard to say what I did this week, but I did manage to find these great items for your viewing pleasure!

Here's a collection for the gentler passions:

Blood Delta Limited Ed Print - $20  tahliaday
Perfect Indian Skirt - $37  idea2lifestyle
Treasure Dish - 25  moonlitehare

A lovely pale collection for the quirky modernist:

4 Seasons cup set -$144  baileydoesntbark
Vintage Lacquered Box - $18  estateeclectic
Dear People of the World - $4.50  shopsaplingpress

  A very fantastic Vintage ring, that I SUPER LOVE:

I'd wear it on those days I felt spunky :D
which, I swear isn't everyday!!

And can't you just see this lovely collection of succulents by your front door!

A collection of 36 Succulents - $35   SucculentsGalore

Have a wonderful weekend!
cheers, t


OS said...

Big hugs :)

Shrimp Salad Circus said...

I have coveted that Bailey Doesn't Bark set for ages! I also really love that succulent set. It seems like one gardening endeavor that wouldn't end terribly for all the little plants!!! Great collection - thanks for sharing!!!

- Lindsay

Tracey said...

@ Lindsay: I have had those on my etsy favorites list for ages, too!!

@ OS: :) back!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including us in your collection! It looks great!

- Bailey Doesn't Bark