Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings

Good Morning, good morning!!

I hope that it's a good one so far.

It's sunny here and I've been outside 5 times (to move the sprinkler, but still) I forget how wonderful it is to be out in the cool morning sunshine, the birds are singing and flying here and there,
kids huddle together clutching their backpacks, still in their morning fugues -
it's not long for them now, vacation is almost here!

Not surprisingly my meanderings took me to all things BIRD!

Here's a tweety collection
The Aviary Lavender Sachets - $18   Mireio

And for those longing for another locale
that's not me.   really.    I swear.

Some wonderful etsians have turned old maps into fantastic little items for your home - aren't they great!
They both can be customized with the map of your choice.

Of course, one of them is a bird ;D

I love this swirling exotic vase and these batik cosmetic bags.

And these vintage items seem to inhabit a cool dreamy space of possibilities...
too poetic? - you'll just have to live with it ;D

although I've never really been a traditional jewelry person,
Tiffany Blue has always been one of my favorite colors and I love vintage flatware, and I love dragonflies so is there anything more wonderful
than a dragonfly made of vintage flatware!!

And since I got a little chill out there this morning, I got sprayed by the rotating sprinkler
while I was moving it,
I just had to make sure that you saw
these cozy items
they are perfect for these last cool mornings before summer really gathers its strength.

Wire Moon Pendant - $57   mayahelena

and the necklace is JUST FAB!!

That's all this morning, my sweets. We're off for a little medieval r&r in the lovely Port Townsend.

To the beach, to the beach we go and if we're really good, maybe a ferry ride too!!

Have a great weekend!!


Mireio said...


This is wonderful! I'm completely honored to be in such a lovely grouping. Made my Friday.

Have a lovely weekend, and thank you so much!


ps--is that Haystack Rock in your header?

Tracey said...

It IS Haystack Rock - we were there on our honeymoon four years ago!! Are you near there?

And you're so welcome! :D I love to hear I made your day - It makes MY DAY!!


SisterBatik said...

Thank you for including my little Persian bag in this wonderful selection.

Great blog will be following too.

Come and say hi:

Lisa said...

Love the map coasters!

Can't believe how awesome this weekend was.. 80s yesterday and I do believe it reached 90 today!

L♥Ve it.