Thursday, June 2, 2011


There are lots of different things that can inspire art.
Look at the pictures above.
Different but similar.
do you see the similarities?

do you think I'm really reaching for similarities?
I LOVE to see the elements that are the same in different items.

sometimes I am the only person who sees those similarities...
until all the pieces fall into place.
 and I have always felt that as an artist you have to be willing to be that person who sees what others don't.

It's a little like that sesame street game 'which of these things is not like the other' only on a deeper level.
it's 'which of these things IS like the other'
I look at textures, colors and qualities of color. Yes, qualities of color: intensity, tone, combinations of undertones and for jewelry how a color resonates in one material as opposed to another.

We'll have to go a little back in time for another example of inspiration.
Because it's a classic spring day around here

cloudy with sunshine

so back we go.

to a snowy drive in January up on the plateau above our plateau, that's what I said.
the photo on the right obviously shows the edge of the world

The earrings I made are opaque blue glass beads and hand formed and hammered silver wire.
They hang 3".
Just an example of how simple materials and inspiration can make something beautiful.

simple lines,
swirling like snow,
pale blue and silver capture the cold swirling snowy day
driving long hours of highway lines.
Take a look around and see what inspires you today!
Have a great day



shari said...

Oh, i can finally comment on your blog! It's been a while since I was able to post.

I'm similar to you... I see like in like. It's interesting to me to find patterns. Similarities. Differences.

Lovely photos and lovelier earrings! I love simple things.

Seeing is Believing Artistry said...

Did you write about the snow for me?? :)
I love most if not all things you post!

Seeing is Believing Artistry said...
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Tracey said...

Oh thanks you guys! You're both so sweet :D

@Shari: Glad you're back! :D
Why couldn't you comment? was blogger acting up for you?

@Pamela: maybe your 'snow propaganda' has finally reached the saturation point and I write about snow without even thinking about it! ;D