Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings

Another Friday, another meander...

life is good around here - I've already had big success down at the garage sales this morning! Or I should say Zeke has! Lots of toys and a 'motorcycle trike'!
And my streak for finding fantastic things for other people continues. is a collection of the etsy finds I've found for you!
 enjoy :D

cool and dreamy summertime finds

Seven Deadly Sins Tea Set - $145   trixiedelicious
Yellow 8x8 photo - $35   ErinTyner
Sunshine on my shoulders earrings - $15   DoReMiHandmade
Adrift photo - $35   AliciaBock
and I'm not sure that I want to show you because I want them 
for myself 

soooo much ;)

which of these items don't I want!!

 exotic and still
Pleated Asymmetrical Dress - $193    MoonCircus
The Horse of Parisii - $95   GailLannum
Watson Lake Reflections - $ 250   DaveDilliPhotography

 everyday and fantastic

Yellow Messenger/Laptop Bag - $69   ikabags
Art of Papercut Dress - $79   HandTailorByArtka
1950 Semca Travel Alarm clock - $48   calloohcallay


Damselfly Garlic Keeper Jar - $28   justmare
Katya top - $42   cocoricooo

 and because sometimes you get a cold in the summer (yuck)

Hopefully this list finds you all bright and shiney!!
Have a great weekend!


IKABAGS said...

This is beautiful handmade collection !

Thanks so much supporting handmade work and for your time !

Many thanks including my work, my NEW MESSENGER bag from ikabags,Paris

Tracey said...

You're sooo welcome - all your bags are so fantastic and well made!

I love them. Cheers!

Callooh Callay said...

What gorgeous selections--so happy you chose my clock!

Have a good weekend!


rachel said...

beautiful choices! thank you so much for including my quilt!

Tracey said...

@ Rachel and Susan:


maria said...

Beautiful collection! Thanks for including my trivet!

Alicia said...

So lovely! Thank you for including my photograph in this wonderful collection.