Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Inspiration vs Deadlines

I have many, many things to do.

And by that I mean, "To Do".

they have a time that they are supposed to finished for, a deadline...

but my head, heart and fingers are full of what I want to do...
images I see that I want to paint, or that inspires a painting (which I do not do enough of!), materials I want to make something with, pendants that need stringing, but I lack the right something with which to string them... places that I need to explore.
Inspirational explorations and Deadlines:
to do lists
are mutually exclusive!!

you could say that I'm frustrated.
pacing my cage like a lion at the zoo... don't get me wrong things are getting done

no gazelles for me today.
just ground chuck brought to me in a bowl...

how do you cope with frustrated inspiration?
I really need to know.

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