Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Tuesday!!

I hope that you all had a great long weekend.
I did. Lots of work and lots of rest.
Nothin better!!
No matter how I'm feeling, though: happy, grumpy:
I always see hearts in different places, here's one I captured in my prep pan for my scalloped potatoes!
I see them everywhere.
Another person who sees hearts everywhere - helps to create them so that you can see them
everywhere too -
is ceramic artist Pamela Petry.
Her etsy shop is SeeingIsBelieving.

Here's a sampling of her fantastic work:
Earth Inspired Earrings - $27                  
The jewelry goes home to you in one of these wonderfully handcrafted pouches. She pays attention to every detail!

Her wall plaques are really, really wonderful too.

You are my sunshine Wall Plaque - $40
Antique Star Wall Plaque - $25
Organic Letter Motif Wall Plaque - $25
Heart Motif Wall Plaque - $25
Earth Inspired Heart with recycled glass - $27 
Nature Inspired Heart - $25
She makes rattles too.
They are little whimsical pieces of art with a fun, surprising addition to her art's already tactile nature.

Keepsakes for your little one or just for you because you love them!

I love all her dragonflies and circles and quotes: an artist after my own heart!

cheesy, but it had to be done ;)

Have a great day!!

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Seeing is Believing Artistry said...

What a wonderful way to start the day! I am so glad you see the "hearts" in everyday things as I do! Thank You so much for the feature. It is wonderful!