Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings

It's springtime.

Just in case you haven't noticed any changes in your neck of the woods yet!

Time for yardwork, dressing in layers and riding your bike.

so I decided to focus today's meander through the 'layering options' to be found on etsy.
I featured this really fun shop boygirlparty in a treasury that I made for teacher's day on Tuesday.
and when I looked on their shop today....
and I swear I didn't plan this
they have a fantastic hoodie
with two owls riding a BIKE!
oops! thanks to susie @ boygirlparty for letting me know it is a dog and a cat! yikes!
sorry for that :D 

love it!!

Not that I don't already own a LOT of grey ;)
what's one more?

There are so many great tops for layering your bod while the summer gods and winter gods fight it out.
your layering needs are more
cropped bolero - $195.19USD  malam



 or fun!
Etsy has so many offerings for everyone!

So layer up and get out there!
It's going to be blustery, hot and chilly fun.


Nikacollection said...

I love all the tops which were chosen! Thanks for sharing my top too! :)

BHB Kidstyle said...

Excellent finds and great post!
Thank you so much for featuring my t-shirt!

rctees said...

Awesome tops Tracey!!
Thanks so much for including our World Peace sweatshirt!!


shari said...

Super cute owl hoodie! I love it!! Lots of cool T's!

Have a great weekend, and Happy Mother's Day!!

Tracey said...

Thanks everybody for the sweet comments!
Thanks, too Shari for the nice mom's day wishes!

Have a great weekend!