Wednesday, May 25, 2011

etsy update

I was just milling around etsy, loitering as it were, and I saw a few great stores have new additions.

Two of my faves are creativityismessy and Germaphobe a mother-daughter team from Spokane, WA.

Mom, Tera, runs creativityismessy; a very fun store with lots spunk.
I love all her fun creations!

Here's a few of Tera's new items:

Caffeine Junkie Ring - $10
Bottlecap necklace Rowdy Blonde Cowgirl - $15

Aren't they adorable!

and here's a couple of items for the more vintage sophisticate:

Feather earrings and Button Rings are so HOT right now!
You'll have to decide if 'vintage' refers to you or your style ;)
oh, feeling sassy this morning!

Daughter, Angela, runs Germaphobe. And who wouldn't trust a geramaphobe to make their personal care items?!
Actually she's wonderfully open about how she came to live a germ-free lifestyle for the sake of her father's health - check out her profile!
 Here's a little sampling of Angela's new listings:
 Gift pack Hand Sanitizer - $6

Her photos are good enough to eat!

very frustrating trend among etsy soap sellers ;P lol
I could go for some creme brulee and it's only 10AM!!

But I guess it's the best way to help you shop for soap, since the smell of soap is sooo important!

OK ok I forgive them! :D

What are some of your favorite shops new additions?
Anything you're excited about?
Please share!



creativityismessy said...

Thank you for featuring Angela and I on your beautiful blog!

Tracey said...

You are both VERY WELCOME! :D

StudioCherie said...

Angela's soap is wonderful. It is really high quality. Love it!