Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Esty Meanderings

The Meanderings have come early THIS morning!

wow, what's up with me?? I'm up and at 'em this morning.
yikes. typing skills are suffering though - if only you could see how many times I'm hitting the back space button - so let's just get on with it, shall we...
I'm in a little lovey mood, so let's start with this fantastic photo from Montreal photographer bomobob. Robert's work is mostly soft and dreamy and fantastic, but this one just sticks out for me! I love how retro and graphic it is.

Isn't it wonderful?

For those of you who don't know know me - or for those of you who have gotten to know me recently and consequently don't know because I don't do it nearly OFTEN ENOUGH! 
so check out all this cool bike gear!
Fused Glass Earrings - $20   groovyglassgirl
2 Hand Printed Bike Pint Glasses - $35   vital
Old-Fashioned Bicycle Briefcase - $450    LUCIOUSLEATHERNYC

And these next things I love because
it's today
and when I saw them, I fell madly in love...

it just happens
can't be helped
I'm like that!

OOAK Vintage Fabric Owl - $24   gnorasaurus
Simple Geometry Triangle Earrings - $84  kathiroussel
French Nougat Sampler - $10  KettleConfections
Crazy Lace Mexican Agate Necklace - $130  lilbitty
Black Pearl Necklace - $14.99  laromantica
LOVE Print - $26  YuliyaArt

One Dreamy Dress and an Outstanding Organizer:

Darling Cream Dress - $24   SwiftFoxVintage
In Touch Clutch (tm) -  $30  downstairsDesign
And flowyogamats is an eastern washington artisan that I covet because
there was one, for a nano second but it closed to make room for tanning beds...
no comment.
just reporting the facts.

we made it!
my pinky is tired from ALL that backspacing
Make it a happy weekend!


Yuliya said...

Tracy, thanks a lot for this wonderful post and feature! You have a great blog!

Lillja Designs - Jess Lillie said...

You have an eye for great stuff! This is a wonderful collection. Thank you for including my necklace.

Michelley said...

Hey Tracey! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Love yours! Bomobob's phtography is the bomb!

Lisa said...

Great Finds!! L♥Ve the Biking stuff!!

Didn't know you were a "Canuck" ... Several times we traveled down to the lower 48 when we lived in AK. You just don't realize how BIG Canada is until you're driving and driving and driving... and BEAUTiful!!!

Tracey said...

Wow you guys! Thanks for the super sweet comments! Love them :D

@ Lisa: Alaska is somewhere I go back and forth about - I think I really want to go just to see if it's as much like BC as I am BIASED to think that it is!! ;D But the closest I have come is Prince Rupert, BC where you could see Alaska across the bay. So no. Not very close ;D Your comment about driving and driving and driving reminds me of one of those Americans/Canadian differences: Americans go on 'Road Trips!' and Canadians drive places and SOMETIMES it's really, really FAR. Not super funny, just makes me chuckle :D